LIVE DEMO: Team Driving & ELD Compliance

Believe it or not, complying with the ELD Mandate doesn’t have to be difficult – even for team drivers.

Join us on Wednesday, February 22 at 2:00 CST for a Live ELD demo. Learn how easy it is to manage multiple drivers with one device. At Pedigree Technologies we believe ELD’s should be easy for drivers, especially when working as a team.

Register at or by calling 701-551-2397

Join us for a live demo and we’ll answer all of your questions. Can’t make it? Sign up anyhow and we’ll send you the recording!

We’ll cover:

  • The ins-and-outs of Team Driving with ELD’s
  • How easy it is to use ELD for team driving on a shared device
  • How to manage long trips and multiple drivers with ease
  • A look at how each driver’s account is kept secured
  • Plus a 15 minute demo with time for Q&A

Features you’ll love:

  • Add up to 4 team drivers total.
  • Secure account environment keeping each driver’s personal information secure from other drivers
  • Easy “Make Me Driver” button to quickly assume driving responsibility
  • Enforcement View for sharing e-logs with law enforcement

Register at or by calling 701-551-2397

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