Our Mission

To improve our customers’ ability to dynamically manage their people and operating environments in an increasingly complex, inter-connected, and real-time life.

Core Values

Pedigree Technologies strives to foster a positive and enjoyable work environment through investment in our most valuable resource…the Pedigree Technologies family of employees. We believe that satisfied employees produce positive results.

In2 Solutions
We are crazy about designing innovative and intuitive solutions.

Twice as good as yesterday, but only half as good as tomorrow.

Make a Difference (Community)
We succeed when we serve others.

Doing our best sometimes means getting a little help.

Passion (Hard Work)
Our hard work is fueled by a love for what we do (and coffee).

Planning / Expectations
We set expectations, meet them, and then we do more. We don’t just set it and forget it.

Responsibility (Accountability)
We do what we say we’ll do.

It takes a village to be this good at what we do.  People make up a team.  The team spans our entire supply chain.

Trust / Integrity
We do the right thing–even when no one is looking.