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The Cab-Mate One features full ELD compliance, with a durable and purpose-built tablet, a plug-n-play 10-minute install. Making it the easiest, fastest and most economical path to ELD compliance.


Quickest Path to
Compliance (& Beyond)

The Cab-Mate One is the fastest and easiest ELD Chrome solution to become FMCSA compliant. With a 10-minute install, the Cab-Mate One also brings ease of management, very high-quality purpose-built design, and low total cost of ownership. The ruggedized tablet removes easily from the included cradle and mount system for out-of-cab use, powers up within a minute (as required by the mandate), and has a dependable wired connection which eliminates the need for a broadband data plan.

Best of all, this all-in-one ELD solution is designed for use with our ELD Chrome software solution and is expandable with even more of our award-winning OneView applications, so that we can fit the needs of your business and grow with you. Not to mention, the Cab-Mate One also includes superior support from a company with over 7 years of experience providing quality HOS solutions to the transportation industry.

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Durable tablet fits securely into included cradle and mount system, removes easily for out-of-cab use, and powers up within a minute as
required by ELD mandate.

How the Cab-Mate One Works?

Cab-Mate One: How it works

Benefits of the Cab-Mate One

Integrated Solution

  • Tablet, cradle mount, & power/comm cable
  • Simple, quick 10-minute install
  • Long-lasting, ruggedized tablet


Reliable & Cost-Effective

  • Dependable, wired connection (no Bluetooth),
    eliminating need for a broadband data plan
  • FMCSA-required LED malfunction indicator
  • Worry-free, always-compliant solution


Power Your Growth Potential Forward

  • Innovative, intuitive, & driver-friendly
  • Growth-oriented & expandable
  • Jointly developed with industry-leading hardware provider
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