A better way to monitor and manage your entire operation.

The OneView platform from Pedigree Technologies allows you to track, diagnose, and communicate with all of your high-value assets in real-time. Having the right information at the right time enables you to make better, faster decisions.

OneView™ from Pedigree Technologies

OneView's Capabilities

Asset Tracking Asset Tracking
Asset Tracking is the difference between guessing and knowing.
Work Orders Work Orders
You can have routing, work order details, and navigation at your fingertips.
Maintenance Maintenance
Decrease costs and increase profits with real-time insight into equipment use.
Dispatching Dispatching
Real-time routing paired with safe, instant communication.
Equipment Management Equipment Management
Know the location, engine run-time, and actual usage of their mobile equipment.
Mobile Tank Monitoring Mobile Tank Monitoring
Remotely track, monitor, and manage your fluid levels even while in transit.
Electronic Logs Electronic Logs
ELDs streamline reporting and improve accuracy, making compliance easy.
Fleet Tracking Fleet Tracking
Track, monitor, and manage your fleet vehicles and drivers in near real-time.
Tank-Level Monitoring Tank-Level Monitoring
Remotely monitor tank levels, schedule deliveries, and manage inventory needs.

Available Anytime, Anywhere

OneView by Pedigree Technologies
Save Time
Important Data Available Instantly
Increase Profits
Reduce Costs & Increase Efficiency
Streamline Reporting
Simplify Record Keeping & Compliance