Pedigree Technologies OneView®

OneViewTM provides a better way to monitor and manage your entire operation.

When your business depends on the careful coordination of people, assets, trucks and equipment, knowing what’s happening in the field is a top priority. Losing track of assets, maintenance problems and poor logistics lead to wasted time, frustrated customers and lost revenue.

OneView allows you to track, diagnose and communicate with all of your high-value assets in real time, empowering you to make better, faster decisions. With OneView, you gain an integrated view of your entire operation on a single easy-to-use platform.

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Key Benefits Include:

Reduce Equipment Loss & Theft
Know where your assets are at all times.

Eliminate Manual Processes & Paperwork
Electronic reporting saves time.

Improve Customer Billing Processes
Monitor runtime and asset location.

Cut Fuel Costs
Eliminate out-of-route miles and reduce unnecessary idling.

Extend Equipment Life
Move from corrective to preventative maintenance.

Maintain Compliance
Achieve and maintain your regulatory compliance.

Manage Your Field Force
Create and dispatch work orders and job queues.