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Common technology like cell phones and tablets give a real-time connection to assets and machines, and an integrated view of operations.

Pedigree Technologies OneView® Platform

Smarter Operations. Stronger Business.

The Pedigree Technologies OneView® platform is built to gather any data from any network with any device. This open and accessible vision is who we are at Pedigree and is the reason our platform drives the best run operations out there. Our turnkey solution easily integrates with new devices and allows data to flow easily in real-time, making sure you aren’t tied down to any single hardware provider.

OneView Screen Shot
  • Best-of-breed devices integrated into an open and accessible web-based software platform
  • Leverage data with operational intelligence using analytics, alarms, notifications, dashboards, messaging, scheduling, dispatching, jobs, reporting and more
  • Smart phone and tablet applications not only give extended visibility into operations data, but also gather and respond with workforce data
  • Powerful APIs share data across the enterprise quickly and easily

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