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Take Control of Your Entire Mixed Fleet Operation With Us.

Pedigree Technologies, an unofficial member of your fleet operations team.

Investing in technology extends far beyond the solution itself; it encompasses the dedicated individuals who guarantee your success, respond to your needs, and continuously innovate to align with your business goals.


With Pedigree Technologies, you'll encounter remarkably responsive customer support and development teams that will make you wonder how you ever managed without them.

Take a Deep Dive into the Primary Industries We Support

Semi-truck driving on road

The Road Ahead

Paving the way for safer, more efficient travel experiences by providing real-time data on traffic conditions, vehicle performance, and driver behavior, ultimately shaping a future where journeys are not only smoother but also more sustainable.

The Critical Role of Cameras in Fleet Safety

See the unseen and protect your fleet with advanced camera technology. Enhance driver safety, reduce accidents, and boost operational efficiency with our cutting-edge camera solutions.