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2015 Q4 Product Update

We made some exciting updates during the fourth quarter of 2015. A list of all the updates and a few highlights are included below, but make sure to read the full Q4 Product Update (PDF).

Q4 Updates Include:


OneView™ MobileWhen you are out of the office or away from a computer, OneView™ Mobile is available for you to view your assets and drivers quickly from any mobile phone using any internet browser. Right now you can see your assets and drivers as well as the location maps and assets current events. Coming soon, you‘ll be able to see landmarks and driver’s hours remaining.


Mobile Features: (Read more in the full Q4 Product Update) Asset Tree - From your mobile phone or tablet you can see all your assets and users in a list

mobile view

Report Updates HOS Log Reports lists missing and unsigned HOS logs as separate instances. This report now differentiates between HOS logs that are unsigned and HOS logs that are missing.

HOS unsigned missing
Unsigned – if the driver has duty status that day, but didn’t sign their logs Missing – if the driver has no record for a day – even if they didn’t work that day, they need to sign their log

Now You Can Integrate Equipment Data with the AEMP Standard


What is the AEMP Standard? The Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) and Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) have agreed upon a Telematics Data Standard for sharing telematics/diagnostics data. This standard allows Pedigree Technologies to:

  1. Enable data to flow from OneView™ into a third party system (such as an ERP or Maintenance software; Point-of-Rental Software for example)

  2. Enable data to flow from an OEM (John Deere, Komatsu, Caterpillar, etc) telematics solution into a single software (OneView™), eliminating the need to login to multiple systems to view your equipment. Pedigree’s policy is to develop this functionality with each OEM on an individual customer basis, working with the OEM to get data into OneView™ using the AEMP standard. This approach will provide the greatest benefit to customers and allow for oversight of the standard’s functionality for the OEM and Pedigree.

There is much more to learn about OneView™ Mobile and all the other new updates in the full Q4 Product Update (PDF).

Updates from previous quarters: Q3 Product Update (PDF), Q2 Product Update (PDF), Q1 Product Update (PDF).

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