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2020 Q2 Product Update Report

Download the entire 2020 Q2 Product Update Report.










Dashboard sharing can use collection

You can now use collections as your selected assets/users for any shared dashboard. (See the learning center for information on Dashboard Sharing).

Paper Log Import Functionality

There is now an import option for loading scanned paper logs into OneView. This is a permission and you can talk to your account manager for more information.

Video List Dashboard Module

Now you can add a Video List Dashboard Module to view a list of video events from multiple assets/drivers.

Selected Landmark on Asset Map Dashboard

By selecting a landmark in the asset map dashboard module’s configuration, you will see the geofence boarder of the landmark.

Settings Page Updated

Now when users click on their settings link, they will see a pop up window with the different settings options divided into tabs: User Profile, General, Maps, and Notifications. Make the same settings changes as before.

Landmark Groups can be set as “Yards”

You can now set a landmark group as “Yards” in our new automatic yard move annotation feature for unidentified driving records in your company yard. Please reach out to your account manager if you’re interested in using this feature.

HOS Summary Times at 0h00 Highlighted in Pink

Now you can see who is out of hours in the HOS Summary because those fields will be highlighted in pink. This appears in the HOS Summary dashboard as well as on a driver’s individual summary page.

New Icon Sets

Gooseneck Trailer

Dry Bulk Trailer


Admin User List Update

The Admin Users tab now includes lists that you can filter. The User lists are now a dropdown on the left side. The export to CSV button is now in the ellipsis menu where you can download to csv or adjust the columns.

Admin Devices Page Update

The Admin Devices tab now includes lists that are filterable. The devices lists are now a dropdown on the left side. The export to CSV button is now in the ellipsis menu where you can download to csv or adjust the columns.


Alarms List CSV Export

When on the alarms page, there is now an export option to download a list of your filtered results. Click the ellipsis menu on the far right and choose Export CSV.

Alarms Count Badge to be Count of Unacknowledged Only

The alarm badge at the top of your OneView account is the count of unacknowledged alarms only.


Updated with Letter Grade and Gradient Colors

Scorecards now have both letter grades and gradient colors.

Scorecard Dashboard Module and Region Tab

In the Scorecard dashboard module, you can switch between looking at assets/drivers individually or to each of your regions by clicking on the either Region or Asset tabs.

There are a few ways to see scorecards for multiple assets. You can add the Scorecard dashboard module, and you can click on any region from your asset tree to view the scorecards of that entire region.

My Scorecards vs. All Scorecards Permission

rivers to see their own scorecard and not see other drivers’ scorecards when they log into OneView or OneView Mobile, if you don’t otherwise lock down their account to just show their log book.


Jobs Map View Multi-select

On the Jobs Map page, you can select multiple jobs on the map. Hold the Shift key and you can click and drag a box around the jobs you want to select together.

Jobs List CSV Export

On the Jobs List page, you can export your entire jobs list (or a filtered list) by clicking the ellipsis menu on the right and choose Export CSV.

Multi-select Delete Option

There is a permission that would allow a user to delete multiple jobs at once – either maintenance jobs or dispatch jobs. Hold CTRL and select multiple jobs and then right click on one of the highlighted jobs. Choose Delete.


“My Scorecard” Link Added to Menu

Permission to Set User’s Scorecard to Home Page

The user’s scorecard can be their homepage in OneView Mobile with this permission.

Digital Library

For customers using the Digital Library feature in OneView, those files are also available to users of OneView Mobile.

Tank Volume/Ullage Number Update

The data for Volume and Ullage for tanks has been updated for better viewing in OneView Mobile.

Home Screen Map Option

You have the option of having either the map or your asset tree regions, or even your scorecard as your homepage in OneView Mobile. Let your account manager know you want to switch. These homepage choices can be designated by user group. Customers that have many assets that take time to load on a map may want to switch their home page to their region list which loads faster, as an example. Use the main menu to switch between the map and regions views.


OneView Mobile now shows your alarms. Click the bell to see all alarms, or tap any asset/user’s alarms tab.


Drivewyze Instruction Card Added to Help Page

If a driver has the Drivewyze feature permission, they will have the Drivewyze instruction card in their Help tab.

Night Theme and Auto Change

Auto Skip Carrier During Login

Some drivers may have noticed that POV no longer asks for their Carrier. If a driver does not have more than one carrier to select from, POV will skip the carrier page. A driver will go straight to the Select Tractor screen after entering their username and password. If a driver has multiple carriers to select from, there is no change and they will continue to have to select a carrier.

Camera Connection Status Icon

When a driver is logged into POV and there is a camera in the truck they are connected to, they will see a camera icon on their icon bar in POV. If the camera is connected, the icon will be blue. If the camera is not connected, it will be gray with a red slash.

Driver Scorecard

You can give your drivers permission to view their scorecard in POV. This permission would add a scorecard tab on the home screen allowing the driver to click through to their scorecard. They can see each scorecard assigned to them and the details of each day’s stats and totals.

No Longer Stay Logged In on Device Reboot

When the tablet is powered off for more than 5 minutes, and the driver did not log out of POV, they will be logged off automatically and will have to log back into POV after powering on the device. Any reboots less than 5 minutes in length will continue to keep a driver logged in during reboot.


New Scorecard Details Report

The new scorecard details report will break down certain stats into Total and Average. The images below compare the Scorecard Report, which just includes the results of the stat calculations, to the Scorecard Details Report which breaks the stats down to total and average.

Alarm History Report

Pull this report on a specific alarm and the assets, drivers or landmarks you are monitoring with that alarm. The results are limited to only the alarms you get alerted to. It will not show other users alarms if you have not been invited to them.

Choose the Alarm Template from the Alarm Template dropdown

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