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The Most Common Misconceptions About Weigh Station Bypass Programs

Electronic weigh station bypass technologies have been evolving steadily over the past few decades. Since Drivewyze’s transponder-less bypass technology debuted in the US in 2012, bypass programs have developed even further to make truck inspections easier for everyone involved. Today, bypass services help safe vehicles avoid unnecessary inspections through mobile integration and screening techniques that can weigh the truck as it passes inspection stations at full speed.

Although bypass software and solutions are commonplace in the trucking industry, there are still industry misconceptions about how they work. These concerns are largely associated with efficiency, safety, and privacy, even though in reality, bypass apps are designed to enhance driver safety and fleet efficiency as well as provide opportunities to improve a carrier’s Inspection Selection System (ISS) score and reward its fleet with more bypasses.

Misconception #1: Bypass Programs Will Result in More Inspections

A common fear for fleet managers is that bypass programs will cause more inspections, resulting in wasted time, more paperwork, and delayed deliveries. In reality, bypass services are used by law enforcement to reward carriers with high safety ratings.

When a vehicle is screened using bypass technology, law enforcement receives a detailed snapshot of the vehicle’s information.

When a vehicle is screened using bypass technology, law enforcement receives a detailed snapshot of the vehicle’s information.

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The screening criteria used is at the discretion of the enforcement agency, but these are some of the common credentials:

  • The carrier’s ISS score, which reflects the overall safety profile of the fleet.
  • The license and vehicle identification number (VIN), which allows law enforcement agents to screen against registration, permits, and taxes.
  • The weight of the vehicle.

References to Inspection Selection System (ISS) scores applied to US carriers only. Canadian carriers are subject to alternate screening and scoring systems.

By combining these credentials into one system, bypass programs provide officers with a more efficient screening process. They can focus their efforts on unsafe vehicles while allowing safer vehicles to stay on the mainline and deliver their load faster.

However, this does not mean safe carriers do not need to be inspected. Law enforcement sets a “random pull-in factor” at each inspection station so that a certain percentage of fleets, regardless of ISS score or bypass system integration, are subject to being inspected. This is an important safety precaution that ensures all fleets are fairly screened.

Bypass services, like Drivewyze PreClear®, use ISS scores set by law enforcement to predict the likelihood of requiring an inspection. The lower the score, the less likely the truck will be asked to pull in. This prediction and the random pull-in factor help improve safety on the road while decreasing inspections for fleets with outstanding safety scores.

Misconception #2: Bypass Programs Use CSA Scores for Screening

Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) scores are calculated using roadside inspection and crash report data from the previous 24 months. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) then combines these various CSA scores to determine a single-digit ISS score for a fleet, which offers a more comprehensive view of a fleet’s overall safety profile. For this reason, bypass systems only screen for a fleet’s ISS score, not its collection of different CSA scores over the past two years.

In fact, bypass services provide an opportunity for fleets to improve their ISS score. Every bypass and clear inspection show the carrier’s commitment to safety. Over time, this lowers the ISS score, enhances the safety profile, and increases each truck’s likelihood of bypassing a weigh station.

Some bypass systems, like Drivewyze PreClear®, also provide real-time data reporting to identify the most common criteria inspected at weigh stations. This gives fleet managers an in-depth look at which safety areas need the most attention. They can restructure their safety strategy to target those areas and improve their ISS score moving forward.

Misconception #3: Bypass Programs are Used to Track Drivers

Mobile bypass technology makes a driver’s job safer and easier.

It’s the mobile nature of these kinds of technologies however, that raises concerns about driver privacy. Bypass systems pre-screen for information that will only alert law enforcement of any safety violations. It’s important to note that during a pre-screening, officers will never check a driver’s:

  • Hours of Service (HOS) log
  • Past medical records
  • Commercial driver’s license (CDL)

Bypass software and applications use secure mobile technology to ensure this personal information is not provided to law enforcement. Additionally, the bypass system will only record the date and time that a truck bypasses or is asked to pull into a weigh station and does not track the vehicle before or after the station.

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How information is processed inside the station is also strictly regulated:

  • Any vehicle data collected at the station does not leave the station.
  • Driver data is never collected or shared across locations or officers.
  • Law enforcement personnel can only see weigh stations within their jurisdiction visited by the driver, but not in neighboring jurisdictions.
  • Officers cannot use this data to issue a citation. For example, they cannot use location data to give a driver a speeding ticket.

Not only do bypass programs keep drivers’ data private, but they also make driving safer. Services like Drivewyze PreClear® offer a hands-free system that can be used on the driver’s mobile device. It sends heads-up notifications to warn drivers about upcoming inspection stations, along with safety alerts for high-risk areas on the road. Plus, since the system doesn’t require a transponder, drivers can avoid dangerous lane changes or slowing down to get a bypass green light.

Test the Benefits of a Bypass Program with a Free Trial

Bypass technology is designed to make trucking easier—for drivers, fleet managers, and law enforcement. But with any innovation, there are going to be questions and concerns.

By staying educated on bypass programs and how they integrate with weigh stations, carriers can improve cost and operational efficiency, improve safety scores, and boost driver safety and retention.

Curious whether a weigh station bypass system can work for your fleet? Contact us to start a free trial of North America’s largest weigh station bypass service, Drivewyze PreClear®.

Introducing Drivewyze Safety+: Proactive Driver Alerts Welcome in a New Era in Safety

In a world where technology is ever changing, Drivewyze is making the job of driving a little bit easier, a little bit safer, and a little less stressful. And it’s giving fleet and safety managers vital information to help drivers on all fronts.

It’s called Drivewyze Safety+ — the industry’s first proactive driver safety management platform. Unlike dash cams and telematics-based safety systems, which report on driver behavior after the fact, Drivewyze Safety+ helps prevent the behavior from happening in the first place. It’s a breakthrough in driver behavior modification.

Drivewyze Safety+ builds off Drivewyze’s popular Safety Notifications and is embedded in Drivewyze-partner ELDs for easy activation. No extra hardware required! It gives drivers safety alerts prior to an upcoming danger area. And it allows for custom safety alerts that are unique to the fleet. Best of all, it gives fleet managers actionable intelligence on how drivers are reacting to those in-cab alerts — allowing results-oriented driver training.

It’s an entirely new way of thinking and managing drivers when it comes to safety. It can help prevent speeding infractions by warning a driver on an upcoming ‘high infraction zone,’ provide an alert for an upcoming high rollover corner, even help with safety alerts down mountain passes. What’s more, managers can easily create their own alerts for their own trouble zones. And, at the end of the day, Drivewyze Safety+ even lets your drivers know the number of parking spaces available at an upcoming rest area in select states.

Here’s a quick video overview of how the technology works:

And here’s what fleets are saying about the service:

I can’t recommend Safety+ enough. Not only does it allow me to take control of in-cab safety messaging, it gives me access to fleet-wide and driver-specific safety insights and proactive driver-coaching tools.

Derek Ohata, Sr. Director of Compliance, C.R. England Inc.

These are invaluable visual and audible alerts — making drivers safer on the road. Plus, it can give peace of mind while looking for available parking.

Data That Provides Insight

The beauty of Drivewyze Safety+ is it generates data-rich information that can be mined and put to use to further your safety program. You can drill down to see how a particular driver is reacting to the safety notifications, plus review the aggregate — seeing how your entire driver pool is complying. It can serve as a great proactive driver coaching platform, further supporting programs that are already in place.

Are your drivers slowing down when alerts come on? How is that trending? Who are your best performers? Who needs some coaching? All this data and more is readily available within your fleet dashboard on the Drivewyze Hub.

Information from Safety+ can merge into other programs you might have thanks to our full set of reporting APIs for data integration.

Desktop computer using Drivewyze dashboards

Here's What's Included

Thanks to our relationship with state, provincial and safety agencies, we’re able to mine data, and understand where trouble spots reside. And, where parking safe havens are with the number of parking spots available.

We’ve identified ‘speed violation zones’ based on cumulative citation history. Safety+ gives drivers that are driving too fast in known high citation areas an alert to slow down – averting a possible speeding ticket, or worse yet, an accident. Need to park for the night? Drivewyze Safety+ helps drivers by providing dynamic parking alerts in select states. In-cab messaging gives the actual number of parking spots available, in real-time, so drivers can make the decision to continue on to the rest area, or look for other alternative parking.

Drivewyze Safety+ screenshots on tablet devices.

But, best of all, fleets can develop their own custom zones. Have a certain area that you don’t want drivers entering, or known areas that have caused accidents, fender-benders, or speeding tickets within your fleet? Want to remind drivers about driving restrictions when entering yards? Have road closures or weather impacting certain roads on popular routes? Simply tag each area by GPS location in the easy-to-use Drivewyze Hub and you’re set.  You have complete control over custom alerts, and you create your own in-cab messaging.

Safety+ notifications includes other alerts that Drivewyze pioneered, like high rollover, low bridges, and mountain corridors (giving notifications to use low gears, check brakes…while also providing alerts on upcoming runaway ramps).

Protect Against Nuclear Verdicts

Combined, these alerts show you are taking the steps needed to make your drivers safer — something insurance agencies and the courts scrutinize. Insurance providers always look to insure companies that are proactive in safety. And, if there is litigation against your company for an incident, the best protection is to have a documented program that shows you are giving your drivers the tools to be safe on the road. Don’t be held liable; avoid nuclear verdicts.

How Does it All Work?

We’ve identified and location-based tagged more than 2,500 high-risk areas that typically give truckers problems, with more sites being added each month.

And, yes, the alerts are proven to modify behavior. With our proactive speed alerts, we are seeing a 27% reduction in speeding events (for those truckers going at least 5 mph over the speed limit).

Our rollover data is also compelling. In a two-year study with a major trucking company involving thousands of trucks, alerts for high rollover curves resulted in speeds being reduced by 17%. That’s important. Data shows that the top speeders in rollover zones are 400% more likely to be in an accident than their peers.

Drivewyze speed reduction graphic

Reminders Make a Difference

The name of the game in trucking is being safe — for your driver, and the motoring public. Proactive safety alerts from Drivewyze give your drivers a quick reminder that a danger zone is coming up….or that a safe place to park is nearing and there are spots available. There is an old saying that knowledge is power. And, with Drivewyze Safety+ you now have the power to make your drivers safer.

See for Yourself

Getting started is easy and risk free. Book a demo with a Drivewyze rep to see the platform for yourself and explore how Safety+ can make a difference for your fleet, then we’ll get you started with a 60-day free trial of the service. Click here to visit the Drivewyze site to learn more and book a demo.

Drivewyze PreClear on OneView devices

Announcing Our Partnership with Drivewyze

Drivewyze serves commercial drivers and fleets with innovative trucking services such as Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass and Drivewyze Safety Notifications. Now, it’s available on OneView, the industry’s most intuitive and reliable telematics platform and suite of solutions.

You can find the official press release and more information below:

Pedigree Technologies Teams with Drivewyze to Offer Weigh Station Bypass

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020

DALLAS / / SEPT. 30, 2020

Pedigree Technologies, a leading provider of ELD solutions and complete Fleet Management systems, was named as Drivewyze’s newest partner today at the virtual McLeod User Conference.

Pedigree Technologies will deliver an integrated service offering of OneView ELD Chrome, integrated with Drivewyze PreClear Weigh Station Bypass and Drivewyze Safety Notifications. With the Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass service, Pedigree Technologies’ customers can receive bypass opportunities at more than 800 locations in 47 states and provinces, delivered via the OneView Platform. This can improve driver efficiency, as well as boost driver safety, when partnered with Drivewyze Safety Notifications.

“We welcome Pedigree Technologies as our newest partner,” said Gavin Henry, VP of Business Development for Drivewyze. “Weigh station bypass has become a must-have for many fleets, as it allows safe fleets to keep moving and ‘bypass’ weigh stations — thanks to their good safety records. The partnership with Pedigree Technologies makes implementation of the service easy and cost-effective — with no transponders — by simply turning on the service through Pedigree Technologies’ OneView ELD Chrome solution.”

According to Josh DeCock, Pedigree Technologies’ vice president of product management, the addition of Drivewyze PreClear to its platform is another way to improve productivity for its customers. “We offer our customers an award-winning fleet management system — from asset tracking to dash cam solutions to electronic work orders, and more,” said DeCock. “We’re thrilled to be adding Drivewyze PreClear and Drivewyze Safety Notifications to our package. It will make a huge difference for our customers’ drivers — and, the beauty is, it can be activated within minutes.”

Once integrated, Drivewyze transmits safety scores, registration, and IFTA tax compliance information to the weigh station, which then calculates the information against the bypass criteria established by its state. If the carrier and vehicle pass the criteria, at one mile out, the driver receives permission to bypass the site. The better the fleet’s safety score, the more bypasses typically granted.

Subscribers to Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass service can also activate Drivewyze Safety Notifications. This service provides safety notifications for high rollover areas, mountain corridors, and low bridges.

About Drivewyze

Drivewyze Inc. is a leader in connected truck services and is on a mission to revolutionize transportation safety and efficiency. Drivewyze serves commercial drivers and fleets with innovative trucking services such as the Drivewyze PreClear bypass service, Drivewyze Safety Notifications, and Drivewyze Insights. Drivewyze was recognized by Frost & Sullivan with the North American Weigh Station Bypass Company of the Year Award for 2017, for its best practices and industry leadership. To learn more about Drivewyze, visit

About Pedigree Technologies

Pedigree Technologies is the leading provider of solutions that enable companies to make better business decisions by providing real-time visibility and management tools via the OneView platform. The OneView platform is customizable and built for growth with expandable solutions for People (enterprise), Safety (compliance), and Performance (service/supply chain), while improving the ability to dynamically manage people and operating environments in an increasingly complex, interconnected real-time life. Key solutions include ELDs, asset tracking, fleet management, maintenance, dispatching, and more. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Fargo, North Dakota. For more information, visit