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Pedigree Technologies Adds 4 New Cab-Mate Solutions to the Certified Canadian ELD Registry

With the addition of four new configurations, we are excited to announce that all of our Cab-Mate solutions are now officially certified for Canadian ELD use!

You can find the official press release and more information below:


Pedigree Technologies Adds 4 New Cab-Mate Platforms to the Certified Canadian ELD Registry   —  the Most of Any Provider

FARGO, N.D. / PRNEWSWIRE / March 16, 2022

Pedigree Technologies announced that four new Cab-Mate configurations have completed third-party certification for compliant operation against the newly imposed Canadian Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate, effective June 12, 2021. This round of certifications marks the fifth configuration certified by Transport Canada, the most of any provider. Pedigree was also the first US supplier to achieve Canadian certification. “The expanded options for our Canadian operating customers are another example of our team's dedication to compliance,” said Wade Wilson, CEO of Pedigree Technologies. “We remain focused on continuously outpacing our larger and slower competitors,” he added.

Unlike the self-certification process in the U.S., Canada has opted for governed third-party certification to ensure regulations are properly adhered to. This round of certification brings the addition of the Cab-Mate Open, Cab-Mate Flex, Cab-Mate Connect, and Cab-Mate Elite. These configurations demonstrate Pedigree’s commitment to right-fitting, easy-to-install hardware and software solutions. All Cab-Mate configurations come standard with Cab-Mate ELD software, along with DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Record), Fleet Management, Vehicle Diagnostics & Maintenance, IFTA for fuel tax reporting, and Two-Way Messaging applications.

The service includes connectivity to both Canadian and U.S. wireless networks, eliminating costly roaming fees for fleets operating on either side of the border. In addition to providing more certified Canadian ELD options, Pedigree Technologies also supports the most comprehensive set of Hours of Service (HOS) rules and exemptions in the industry. “These exemptions provide our customers with a robust and fully compliant range of solutions no matter where they operate in North America,” said Joshua DeCock, Vice President of Product Management for Pedigree Technologies.

The Cab-Mate suite of solutions provide fleet operators with reliable information on the performance and utilization of the vehicles and drivers in asset-intensive industries such as transportation, agriculture, oil and gas, and heavy construction. “Adding these additional configurations to our portfolio of certified options in Canada is another example of the flexibility and premium architecture needed to offer both best-of-breed solutions and to help manage ever-changing regulations,” added DeCock.


Pedigree Technologies is the leading provider of solutions that enable companies to make better business decisions by providing real-time visibility and management tools via the OneView IoT and telematics platform. The OneView platform is customizable and built for growth with expandable solutions for People (enterprise), Safety (compliance), and Performance (service/supply chain), while improving the ability to dynamically manage people and operating environments. Key solutions include ELDs, asset tracking, fleet management, maintenance, dispatching, IoT sensors, and more. Pedigree provides 24x7x365 domestic customer service and employs more than 90 professionals across the country. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Fargo, North Dakota. For more information, visit  



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