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Posted Speed Limits

Pedigree Technologies is excited to announce that we now have posted speed limit violation reporting available as an option in OneView. This new feature will provide users with even more insight into their assets. With the addition of posted speed limits we also have new reports available and additional scorecard attributes to view all of this new information.

Posted Speed Limit Report

This report will show a posted speed limit violation each time a vehicle went 3 mph or more above the speed limit in a city and 5mph or more on the highway. The report allows the user to click on the address to see a map displaying the exact location of the speed violation.


Posted Speed Limit Violation Summary Report

This report shows a summary of violations over the selected timeframe. It gives percent speeding, max speeds, and worst posted speed violation incidents.


Note that the reports for posted speed limits are always historical. Users are not able to view reports for today until processing has occurred overnight. Reports can be easily set up with a delivery schedule so users can quickly look over the previous day’s information in an email each morning.

Scorecard Additional Attributes

The scorecards will also display additional attributes for those customers who wish to add on posted speed limits.


Note that there is a small additional charge for the posted speed limits feature. Please contact your Account Manager or Regional Sales Manager for more details.



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