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Prioritize and Manage Equipment Health Data in Real-Time with Pedigree Technologies

Machine Health Triage

Important machine health data such as diagnostic trouble codes and other pertinent information are collected and analyzed in OneView™ by Pedigree Technologies to provide reports on the machine’s health status. This allows you to quickly identify problematic areas, analyze trends, and develop new and improved preventative maintenance and repair protocols.  

Customer Story: RDO Equipment

Watch this video to learn more about how a Machine Health Triage tool works.

Custom Alarms

& DTCs

Machine Events & Alerts in One Single System

Streamline Machine Health Analytics

How It Works

Machine Health Triage diagram

Machine Data

•Oil Sample Analysis
•Custom Alerts

Rule Examples


Service Benefits

•Proactive Repair Scheduling
•Prevent Critical Failures
•Reduce Downtime
•Opportunistic Recall Repair

Learn more about how Pedigree Technologies' Machine Health Triage may be the solution you’re looking for.

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