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Pedigree Has the Right Solutions for Your Industry

Pedigree Technologies provides real-time tracking and sophisticated data analytics to help businesses optimize their operations and make better, informed decisions in a variety of different industries. We are continuously improving our already sought-after solutions with our customers in mind, by listening to their unique operational hurtles. Utilizing customer feedback and experiences to influence our product line has created our well-rounded database of smart technologies. The best part is all of the solutions that make our customers lives easier are accessed with one log in through the OneView™ platform.

Fine-tune Your Operations with OneView™


With OneView™, you have a single system to handle your fleet management needs providing you the ability to locate your fleet, improve driver performance, schedule, and route vehicles, and ensure fleet safety by meeting FMCSA and Canadian compliance regulations all on one screen. With these solutions, you’ll be able to eliminate headaches, decrease expenses, and increase profits.

Solutions: ELDs, Fleet Management, Maintenance Manager, Dispatching, Work Orders, Dash Cams, Asset Tracking, Equipment Management, Load Board, Scale Bypass


Pedigree Technologies OneView™ solutions can significantly increase efficiency, eliminate unnecessary service costs, and ensure job site productivity within the construction industry — all in one easy-to-use system. Our convenient and intuitive system allows you to locate equipment and also provides insight into diagnostic information that reports how long equipment has been running and when maintenance is needed.


Solutions: Asset Tracking, Bluetooth Tracking Tags, Dispatching, Fleet Management, Work Orders, Equipment Management, Maintenance Manager


OneView™ provides equipment rental companies with near real-time location and run-time data, allowing you to monitor the actual usage of your equipment and schedule maintenance accordingly. With actionable data, you can extend equipment life, eliminate unnecessary service costs, and increase billing accuracy from one easy-to-use system.

Solutions: Asset Tracking, Bluetooth Tracking Tags, Dispatching, Work Orders, Equipment Management, Maintenance Manager

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Get real-time insight into your reefer operations at any point in the supply chain. Whether focused on cargo care or reefer operations, the OneView™ Platform allows you to remotely track, monitor, and control the temperature of refrigerated trucks, trailers, shipping containers, or any fixed and mobile assets with all major OEM makes and models of reefers with the Globe Tracker hardware.

Solutions: Reefer Management, ELDs, Fleet Management, Asset Tracking, Dispatching, Work Orders, Maintenance Management, Load Board, Weigh Station Bypass


OneView™ provides oil and gas companies with real-time visibility into their entire field operation and allows collaboration between office staff and remote workers. With one system, you can locate valuable assets and heavy equipment, monitor bulk tanks, and dispatch crews with electronic work orders. Get all the information you need to monitor and manage your oil and gas operations remotely—all on a single screen, accessible anytime from any computer or device with an Internet connection.

Solutions: Tank Level and Mobile Tank Monitoring, Fleet Management, Dispatching, Work Orders, Asset Tracking, Bluetooth Tracking Tags, Equipment Management, Maintenance Manager


With OneView™ Solutions, plumbers, locksmiths, in-town delivery companies, landscapers, and other service industry companies gain a distinct advantage over the competition. Imagine being able to provide customers with an exact ETA, eliminate hand-written paperwork, complete more jobs each day, and improve safety. With our tools, you will gain the operational visibility you need to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Solutions: Dispatching, Work Orders, Asset Tracking, Bluetooth Tracking Tags, ELDs, Fleet Management, Maintenance Manager, Dash Cams

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