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Records & Communications

When managing high-volume freight, it is important to provide your drivers with the tools they need to successfully manage their deliveries. OneView offers a variety of records and communications tools to make your and your drivers' lives easier.  From weigh station and toll bypass to document storage and two-way messaging, all your necessary tools will be available on one screen.

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Weigh Station & Toll ByPass

In the fast-paced world of logistics, every minute counts. That's why we integrate with both PrePass and Drivewyze to bring these indispensable services to modern fleets. Weigh Station Toll and Bypass Services seamlessly integrate with your existing fleet management systems. No disruptions, just enhanced efficiency.

Digital Library

OneView's Digital Library enables field workers and drivers to access important documents both on and off the road.  Whether required permits, insurance documentation or site plans and maps to help execute a job; Digital Library gives your team the information they need to effectivly complete the job.

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Freight Management with 

Freight-Mate™ is a different, more effective way to source, negotiate, and haul loads. Our app provides carriers with customized load suggestions, request-a-load functionality, and the ability to search thousands of loads on demand. It’s like having the world’s best logistics company in your pocket.


The messaging options in our communication features include digital conversations, serving as a chat-like tool with file-sharing capabilities. Additionally, notices can be sent with attachments, signatures, and optional correspondence. The status of notices can be tracked by a manager, detailing when they were viewed, signed, and completed.

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Ready to learn more?

Our dedicated staff is ready to connect with you to hear about your business and the unique challenges you face as you look to improve efficiencies while saving both time and money.

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