Keep an Eye on the Road with CameraView

Introducing CameraView™, a plug-and-play front-view camera solution enabling drivers and fleets to intuitively capture visual recordings of what precipitated and followed any critical event such as vehicular impact or upon driver initiation. As the most recent addition to Pedigree Technologies’ award-winning OneView platform, this game-changer leverages the ELD Chrome solution and existing data connection, so set-up is quick and easy.

According to industry studies, up to 75% of accidents involving commercial trucks are not the fault of the truck drivers. Don’t get stuck in unnecessary cost and time traps.

Benefits of CameraView

“CameraView further expands a set of highly intuitive and integrated suite of solutions for our customers, all accessible through our single platform solution. The team has worked very diligently with partners and customers to bring this high-value solution to market.”

Introduced at the 2019 McLeod User Conference following a breakout session titled “Eliminating Operational Blindspots: Total Visibility in One Platform”, CameraView is an invaluable step forward in providing a seamless set of applications that provide complete operational visibility (further breaking down the siloed applications that persist in the market today).

How It Works

Diagram of how CameraView works

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