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Fleet Management Technologies that Streamline Operations and Reduce Costs

Now more than ever it is important for transportation fleets to find ways to streamline operations and reduce costs. From asset tracking to fleet optimization, every aspect of fleet management plays a crucial role in driving savings and improving the bottom line. Here's how investing in comprehensive fleet management technologies, like Pedigree Technologies’ OneView software, can lead to substantial savings across various operational aspects: 


Asset Tracking & Theft Prevention: 

Asset tracking devices provide businesses with real-time monitoring of vehicle location, effectively mitigating the risk of theft and unauthorized vehicle use. This capability not only prevents thefts but also enables prompt recovery of stolen vehicles, thereby enhancing security measures and avoiding the costly repercussions of vehicle replacement and operational downtime. OneView offers a variety of devices tailored to meet the specific needs of your fleet. Additionally, the ability to discreetly conceal asset trackers and receive immediate alerts for any suspicious activity further enhances safety measures. 


Fuel Efficiency Management:  

There are multiple technologies to help fleets improve fuel management practices, which have a profound impact on a fleet's financial performance. Navigation and GPS tools optimize fuel usage through efficient route planning. Drivewyze Safety+ provides real-time safety notifications, including updates on road closures, work zones, and sudden slowdowns, empower drivers to make proactive decisions, maximizing their time on the road. Driver scorecards and in-cab coaching are additional tools that allow fleet managers to monitor their driver’s activities to help train and promote driving that increases fuel efficiency. Key factors to consider during coaching sessions include excessive speeding, aggressive acceleration, braking, and prolonged idling.  


Proactive Maintenance Management: 

Taking a proactive approach to maintenance management can mitigate the expenses linked to unforeseen breakdowns and ensure the seamless operation of fleets. Regular preventive maintenance improves vehicle utilization, ensuring that vehicles and equipment are operational when needed and eliminating downtime resulting from breakdowns. Monitoring vehicle and equipment health data remotely facilitates the prompt identification of fault codes, eliminating the necessity for unscheduled visits to the repair shop.  


Additionally, sensors can oversee tire and wheel end health, issuing alerts for tire pressure, high temperature, fast leaks, and preemptive warnings of potential wheel failures. By implementing proactive maintenance measures and leveraging advanced monitoring technologies, fleets can not only minimize unexpected breakdown costs but also optimize operational efficiency, ensuring uninterrupted and reliable service. 


Fleet Optimization: 

Choosing the right fleet management solution will empower businesses to make the best, most informed decisions about their fleet operations. Through specialized management tools like operational dashboards, fleet reports, and other data-driven solutions businesses can closely monitor vehicle usage, efficiently allocate assets, and refine operational processes, all of which contribute to minimizing operational expenses and maximizing productivity.  

Technologies for managing fleets offer a comprehensive approach to streamlining operations and reducing costs for transportation companies. Investing in advanced technologies can effectively address challenges such as theft, fuel expenses, breakdowns, and other costly issues. Utilizing the right fleet management technologies and leveraging the data-driven insights they offer, fleets can optimize their operations, maximize productivity, and ultimately reduce costs. 

To learn more about the fleet management solutions mentioned in the article or other ways OneView can help you save on your operational costs please visit us.