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  • Pedigree Technologies will not repair issues caused by:
    Hardware normally consumed in operation Unauthorized or improper use Involvement in any accident, explosion, or serious weather related event
  • What if I bought hardware from another source?
    We will only cover warranty service for items made by other manufacturers sold directly to the customer by us. Unfortunately, equipment that is not purchased from an authorized Pedigree Technologies seller — such as cell phones, tablets, or computers that use the OneView platform or applications — will not be covered under warranty. Pedigree Technologies will perform maintenance after proper notification that any hardware purchased directly from us is not in “good working order”. This means following our Return Material Authorization (RMA) Process: Simple Return Material Authorization (RMA) Process: Contact Pedigree Technologies Support at 1-844-407-9307. If it is determined the hardware cannot be repaired remotely (over the phone or air), continue to next step. Support will assign Return Material Authorization Number (“RMA”) and a replacement will be shipped. Once you receive replacement, uninstall and return failed hardware to a Pedigree Technologies-designated facility for repair using included shipping label. Customer will then be invoiced for the device upon shipment, and credited when the failed RMA hardware is received by us (within 30 days).
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