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Trailer Tracking & Monitoring 

Trailer Tracking offers user-friendly, web-based trailer tracking applications that allow companies to know the location and actual usage of their trailers.

Increase productivity, monitor trailers & cargo, and improve customer service using real-time data.

Designed for various types of trailers, our applications collect location and data so you can manage all your trailers on a single screen.

By knowing how long trailers and its components were actually in use, businesses can improve customer billing, manage maintenance and streamline operations using OneView.

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Why Choose OneView?


Even if Trailer Tracking is your only need right now, you’ll benefit from OneView’s scalability as your operation goes. You can add equipment management, fleet tracking, electronic work orders, and many more solutions and use only one platform.


Pedigree Technologies got its start in 2004 and has proven to be an innovator and leader in the M2M industry. When you work with us you are working with over a decade of experience meeting a broad range of customer needs.


With many companies, you get a general help line and an endless line of different representatives. With OneView, you’ll have a dedicated Account Manager that will know your name, work with you directly, and be available to help should any issues arise.

Track trailer and reefer fleets in near real-time to effectively improve productivity of daily operations, making tasks much easier — whether it’s to pass on more accurate data to your customers, or just to better dispatch and manage fleet drivers and their various compliance requirements.

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