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Trailer Telematics for Growing Fleets

We have the solutions that are specific to your needs. 

reefer trailers

Reefer Management

Get real-time insight into your reefer operations at any point in the supply chain. Whether focused on cargo care or reefer operations, the OneView Platform allows you to remotely track, monitor, and control the temperature of refrigerated trucks, trailers, shipping containers, or any fixed and mobile assets with all major OEM makes and models of reefers with the Globe Tracker hardware.

Trailer Tracking

Designed for various types of trailers, our applications collect location and data so you can manage all your trailers on a single screen. By knowing how long trailers and its components were actually in use, businesses can improve customer billing, manage maintenance and streamline operations using OneView.

trucks parked in parking lot
wheel and tires

TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)

TPMS allows for real-time visibility of individual tire pressures and temperatures, giving you the ability to make informed tire maintenance decisions from the cab, the yard, or the main office to extend tire life and improve safety.

Smart Trailer

In an era of advancing logistics, the Smart Trailer is the game-changer your fleet has been waiting for. This cutting-edge technology combines innovation and intelligence to optimize trailer operations like never before. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and hello to a new era of precision and control.


Ready to learn more?

Our dedicated staff is ready to connect with you to hear about your business and the unique challenges you face as you look to improve efficiencies while saving both time and money.

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