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Hofmann Trucking Case Study


What issues were you having before working with Pedigree Technologies?

When Hofmann Trucking LLC started to look for a new ELD provider, they were searching for a company that could provide them reliability and great customer service.

“Three years ago I started to dig into efficiencies, and [our] reports were not accurate — or you had to sift through a lot of reports to get to the information that you needed,” said Trevor Monilaws, Operations Manager at Hofmann Trucking. Additionally, not only was the reporting system inefficient but, when an issue would arise, receiving a fix could take up to ten days to get a callback on the issue.

What made you choose to go with Pedigree Technologies?

“[Hofmann Trucking] reviewed two other companies along with Pedigree Technologies. The monthly cost, location, and ability for us to hear from [current OneView] customers steered us their direction.”


About the Company

Jamestown, North Dakota


Trucking, Oil & Gas Transportation

Company Background:
“Hofmann Trucking, LLC is located in Jamestown, ND with an additional field office in Tioga, ND, and specializes in hauling crude oil, van, reefer, flatbed, conestoga, LPG and hopper bottoms. They also assist their customers with cement, sand, and gravel hauling.”

Company Website:

Service Area:
United States (contiguous 48 states)

Assets Tracked:
106 ELD units, 9 Asset Tracking units (5 currently utilized)

Solutions Used:
ELD Chrome, Asset Tracking

“You guys have been really great about being customizable on building our reports, which saves us time.”

Trevor Monilaws, Operations Manager for Hofmann Trucking

After installation, what was your OneView experience?

It simplified a lot of workflows and processes. “With this system, we were able to get more detailed reports on truck performance, idle time, and hard braking and acceleration,” said Monilaws, Operations Manager. Hofmann Trucking was able to build scorecards for their drivers that track miles, braking, acceleration, speeding incidents, and more. “Since we started this in January of 2019, we have seen a steady decline in events and our fuel mileage has gone up.”

Maintenance has also been visibly lower in their trucks due to reporting, as well as being able to set up maintenance for oil changes and annual inspections.

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