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Truck, Trailer, and Asset Management

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Solar Trackers

By utilizing our solar asset tracking solutions through the OneView™ Platform, you can achieve comprehensive visibility over all of your assets. Our platform allows for remote tracking, monitoring, and management, giving you the tools to identify opportunities for improving asset utilization, reducing downtime, preventing loss or theft, and extending the lifespan of your assets.

Bluetooth Tracking Tags

Looking to periodically track asset locations without the need for extensive engine data? Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) offers a cost-effective solution, identifying assets within range and enabling seamless tracking of parts and attachments that complement larger machinery.


Theft Prevention Trackers

The significance of theft prevention trackers cannot be overstated, as these trackers offer a layer of security that safeguards valuable assets. These devices provide real-time location information, enabling swift recovery in case of theft and deterring potential loss. The value lies in leveraging this data to not only prevent losses but also to optimize security measures, offering peace of mind to customers and establishing trust within the industry.

Job Site/Yard Management

Smart technologies are driving a revolution in project management across various industries. The integration of advanced digital solutions is unlocking unprecedented efficiency, productivity, and safety. Welcome to the era of SmartSites, where real-time asset tracking, automated equipment management, and intelligent worker monitoring redefine the job site landscape.


Wired & Battery Powered Trackers

We offer both wired trackers and battery-powered tracking devices to meet the needs of your fleet. Wired trackers deliver a dependable and consistent power source, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring and accurate location tracking. Battery-powered trackers offer versatility, making them suitable for diverse applications and presenting a portable solution for tracking assets.

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