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The Power of a SmartSite

Transform Your Mixed Fleet Operations with Smart Technologies

Smart technologies are driving a revolution in project management across various industries. The integration of advanced digital solutions is unlocking unprecedented efficiency, productivity, and safety. Welcome to the era of SmartSites, where real-time asset tracking, automated equipment management, and intelligent worker monitoring redefine the job site landscape.

What is a SmartSite?

A SmartSite leverages cutting-edge technologies and sensors to manage operations and assets on job sites or in yards across diverse industries such as construction, oil and gas, equipment rental, and manufacturing. Utilizing sensors capable of monitoring low-cost Bluetooth tags and cellular trackers, SmartSites provide back-office visibility into all assets and equipment, not limited to GPS-equipped ones. Integration is seamless, with Bluetooth signals picked up by trackers in vehicles, smartphones, and no-install solar gateways. The collected data streamlines operations, enhances productivity, reduces costs, mitigates risks, and improves overall project outcomes. Easy-to-install and cost-effective sensors transform manual asset management into a unified, efficient process.

track your equipment with a smart site

Smart Technologies in Action

Companies with mixed fleets or asset-intensive operations are leveraging smart technologies to revolutionize their business, gaining enhanced visibility into assets and data. SmartSites employ a range of technologies, including asset gateways, GPS devices, and Bluetooth tags, to streamline inventory management, minimize manual errors, enhance worker safety, and maximize operational efficiency. The advanced technology of a SmartSite provides businesses with a competitive advantage, harnessing the power of real-time data and automation in day-to-day operations.

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