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Tank-Level Monitoring

Monitor Tanks. Make Decisions. Manage Inventories.

OneView™ offers user-friendly, web-based inventory management applications that allow companies to monitor tank levels, schedule deliveries and better manage inventory needs. The turnkey ATG and bulk tank applications share data over the OneView™ platform, keeping you informed on the level, temperature, and condition of your tanks.

How It Works

Pedigree Technologies OneView™ lets you remotely monitor your tank levels, enabling quick responses to your most critical inventory needs while saving time and money.

  • On a single screen, view the current inventory levels of all your tanks

  • OneView™ connects to existing ATG hardware at C-stores, combining tank level monitoring and leak detection

  • Manage your bulk tanks liquid-inventory levels for fuel, chemicals or fertilizer

  • Receive proactive e-mails or text messages when conditions require a response

  • Customized alarms based on low or high tank volume, days-of-inventory, and water in the tank

  • Reports when a delivery has been made

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