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Manage Refrigerated Freight

Avoid Losses with 24/7 Temperature Monitoring

Get real-time insight into your reefer operations at any point in the supply chain. Whether focused on cargo care or reefer operations, the OneView™ Platform allows you to remotely track, monitor, and control the temperature of refrigerated trucks, trailers, shipping containers, or any fixed and mobile assets with all major OEM makes and models of reefers with the Globe Tracker hardware.

Invest in Your Fleet Performance

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Yard Performance

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Vehicle Performance

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Delivery Performance

With these challenges come additional costs and complexity in running your fleet — like added constraints surrounding your drivers’ hours of service for things like prolonged yard time resulting from onsite fuel, trailer swaps, or waiting for trailers to reach a compliant temperature before loading. The ability to manage these complexities can be the difference between making a profit and losing money, and we at Pedigree Technologies have invested in the creation of the ideal solution for managing refrigerated freight, food distribution, and food service operations.

Hours of Service (HOS)

As a refrigerated carrier or food service company, you may qualify for the use of certain HOS exemptions that provide you with the ability to deliver goods to market with expanded allowances on the hours provided to a driver. For example, the “16 Hour Big Day” exemptions provide carriers that operated within a set hub-and-spoke network with a single fixed domicile to extend the on-duty hours of their drivers to 16 hours after certain thresholds are met.

Providing food, pharmaceutical, and other temperature-sensitive goods to market is already challenging enough without these constraints. Pedigree’s ELD solution has the most extensive list of supported rule sets and HOS exemptions in the industry, and is one of very few ELDs certified for use in both the USA and Canada.










Driver Performance

It is common in today’s market that driver compensation takes several attributes into account; for example we see and support reporting on performance metrics for unloading rates (cases per hour), weight delivered, yard time, and in some cases sales (in the case of food service companies). These are on top of the usual performance indicators such as MPG, idle time, speed compliance, HOS, harsh braking, and so on… Pedigree Technologies OneView™ offers the most extensive reporting in the industry to allow you to measure your driver performance, taking all of these factors into account.

Vehicle Performance

In the refrigerated space, the importance of proper vehicle performance is amplified by the risk of loss surrounding the freight in the trailer. The ability to perform a detailed inspection (DVIR) of both the power unit and the reefer trailer is critical to preventative maintenance and keeping your equipment on the road.






Hard Brake



Pedigree is one of very few providers that can combine the vehicle performance data from the power unit with that of the reefer control unit. This provides operators a holistic view of the equipment and enables proactive responses to things like fluctuating temperature ranges, multiple zone refrigeration environments, reefer fuel management, and more. Keeping your customers’ freight and/or food safe is not just a priority, it is mandatory and having the right tools to manage it is a must!

Forms & Messaging

When managing high volume freight in urban settings, it is important to provide your drivers with the tools they need to properly manage what is being delivered, as well as where and when, but also what is being rejected and why. Pedigree has produced a configurable forms engine that allows fleets to build their own mobile forms to enable the workflow surrounding data collection from the field during deliveries.

Things like case counts, trailer mapping, along with customer / consignee notes, enable the driver to more efficiently deliver the freight to the right place and at the right time, ensuring compliance to contracts — cold-chain and more.

Technology to Meet Any Food & Beverage Fleet's Needs

Technology is rapidly changing and evolving. Adopting new technologies to help your business monitor and manage your fleet and trailers can seem daunting. With the help from our experts, companies working in the food, beverage, and cold-chain supply management industries can implement OneView™ solutions quickly and easily. You’ll have the ability to manage your fleet and monitor cold-chain supply temperatures, dispatching, maintenance, and more — all from one single system and screen with the OneView™platform.

Benefits of the OneView™ Platform for Food & Beverage Distribution Fleets:

Prevent loss of goods with asset tracking and temperature monitoring, including ability to set up to 8 probes per trailer, for near real-time temperature readings.

Proof of compliance with historical data collected from temperature probes, providing proof your goods were at an accurate temperature while in your possession.

Quickly respond to problems with email and text alerts, preventing losses and keeping shipments on time.

GPS tracking for trailers allows you to know the location and status of all your high-value assets and how long they were actually in use, while improving billing, managing maintenance, and streamlining processes.

Ability to prevent trailer loss with geo-fencing and landmarks, alerting you when your trailers leave a specific area.

Decrease fleet maintenance costs with scheduled maintenance based on usage or timing, and easily analyze maintenance trends and spot reoccurring problems with in-depth maintenance records and activities on a single platform.

Solutions for Food Distribution / Transportation Industry:

Asset Tracking


Equipment Management

Work Orders

Fleet Management

Maintenance Manager


Freight Management

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Learn more about how the OneView™ platform can you help your food, beverage, or refrigerated carrier fleet save money, increase productivity, and give you in-depth insights into your operations.

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