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Elevate Equipment Tracking with Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons

Unlock the Power of BLE Technology for Asset Location Insights

Looking to periodically track asset locations without the need for extensive engine data? Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) offers a cost-effective solution, identifying assets within range and enabling seamless tracking of parts and attachments that complement larger machinery.

While BLE excels at location tracking, for more comprehensive data needs, sophisticated equipment assets may benefit from advanced technologies like cellular/GPS integration.

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Effortless Monitoring for Small and Mid-Sized Assets, Inventory, and Attachments

When it comes to locating small and mid-sized assets, BLE beacons offer an optimal solution. Their periodic scanning requirements make them a cost-effective choice, ensuring you can effortlessly pinpoint your assets amidst a larger inventory. Say goodbye to lost items in your storage facility. Choose BLE beacons for seamless asset management.

Benefits of Bluetooth Trackers (BLE)

Automatic Location Updates

Receive real-time location updates when assets are in proximity to a Bluetooth hub, such as Bluetooth-enabled smart devices.

Powered by BLE Technology

Leverage the power of Bluetooth Low Energy technology for efficient and reliable asset tracking.

Effortless Integration

BLE trackers seamlessly send location data to your equipment tracking system each time a signal is received.

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