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Maximize Productivity and Minimize Downtime with OneView™

Gain unparalleled insight into your construction fleet with OneView™. Our solution enable remote analytics and preventive maintenance, ensuring your equipment stays in optimal condition. Improve driver safety with real-time monitoring of behavior and receive actionable insights to enhance job site safety.


Experience the future of construction site management with OneView™.

construction equipment management

Why Choose Pedigree Technologies?

Pedigree Technologies’ OneView™ platform allows construction companies like you to make informed and strategic decisions based on data analysis and insights into their mixed fleet operations, keeping a few key components top of mind.

Increase Efficiency
Reduce Costs
Increase Productivity
Focus on Safety

Forward & Rear Facing Camera + External Camera

In a tech-driven era focused on safety and efficiency, integrating 360-degree visibility for vehicles is the next step to improving fleet operations. These comprehensive camera perspectives allow fleets to take a proactive approach to challenges they face on the road, ensuring enhanced safety, improved efficiency, and saving on operational costs.

Find out how OneView™ can significantly increase efficiency, reduce overall maintenance costs, and give you more visibility into your operation.

Helpful Resources Tailored for You

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The Power of Pedigree Technologies' OneView™ Platform

Empowering businesses with real-time insights, transforming operations and driving unprecedented efficiency.



Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for Peace of Mind

Drive with confidence knowing your tires are in top condition, mile after mile.



Embrace the Integration of 360-degree Views

In an era driven by technology and a commitment to safety and efficiency, the integration of 360-degree vehicle visibility represents the next step in enhancing fleet operations.



Feel Confident with Complete Equipment Management Visibility

Know exactly where your equipment is and how long it’s been running to reduce downtime and complete more jobs.