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Regal Service Case Study


What issues were you having before working with Pedigree Technologies?

Before Regal Service looked into OneView and reached out to Pedigree Technologies, Regal’s previous provider’s technical support was very slow and unresponsive.

“Drivers were stuck in drive status when the equipment wasn’t moving, which was a constant problem. Drivers being unable to change status, the system not identifying a driver as logged into a vehicle, and assigning movements to unassigned drive time were all common issues.”

What made you choose to go with Pedigree Technologies?

“After a discussion with three other local Erie, PA companies, it was determined that Pedigree Technologies’ system had the functionality and technical support that would move us forward.”


With the OneView platform, users can track, monitor, diagnose, and communicate with high-value assets in real time. Pedigree Technologies’ OneView platform is an integrated suite of solutions that offers Regal Service Fleet Management, ELD compliance, Asset Tracking, Dispatching, and many other capabilities to better make business decisions based on a comprehensive view of their total operations.


About the Company

Ripley, New York


Trailer-Load Trucking, Warehousing,

3rd Party Logistics

Company Background:
Regal Service is 100% employee-owned and -operated, and prides itself on long-term business relationships and providing excellent service at competitive costs. With over 70 employee owners on the road, safety is the number one priority.

Company Website:

Service Area:
North America

Assets Tracked:

Solutions Used:
Fleet Manager, ELD Chrome, Asset Tracking, Dispatching, & more

“OneView captures data from our truck drivers, additional workers, and other assets. It constantly gathers valuable data that includes location, run-time hours, machine health, work order details, and the estimated time of arrival to end consumer.”

Jody Martin, Fleet Maintenance Manager for Regal Service

After installation, what was your OneView experience?

With easy access to the Pedigree Technologies’ support team, Regal Service drivers can connect directly to a knowledgable representative that can answer their questions and help when they need it most.


“Pedigree Technologies encourages our drivers to contact support when problems come up. Their staff is knowledgeable and available 7 days a week, and you’ll generally be speaking to a live person within a minute or less,” explained Jody Martin, Fleet Maintenance Manager for Regal Service. “Pedigree Technologies has not fallen short on the promises they made. The support, accessibility, and follow-up services they provided us have been excellent. Thank you, Pedigree Technologies!”

CaseStudy Regal Service
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