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The OneView Implementation Process

The Pedigree Technologies team makes sure our customer's implementation is as smooth as possible. You can stay focused on day-to-day operations and know that implementation is in good hands.

Here are the Steps of the OneView Implementation Process

1. Pre-Deployment & Welcoming

To start things off, your salesperson will introduce you to your implementation team. Together we'll review your purchase, the implementation plan, OneView account setup, and software training.

When Does This Happen? Within a few days of signing your contract, we'll contact you to schedule a kick-off call.

2. Deployment & Data Verification

Our team handles this step behind the scenes. After the kick-off call, we begin preparing, testing, and shipping your hardware.

Here's where you decide to either install the hardware yourself or have our team manage the installation.

If we manage the installation, our technicians (or a certified third-party) make sure your installations are a success.

If you will handle installations yourself, we will provide a step-by-step installation guide. You will also have access to an installation and technical support team who will answer any questions that come up.

When Does This Happen? Our team completes this step within 30 days from the kick-off call. If our team manages this step your installation is scheduled within 10 business days from when your hardware ships.

3. Account Set-up & Training

During this point in the process, your OneView system is set up. Soon you’ll have your user login credentials, assets, dashboards, and standard reports all ready to go.

Additional configuration happens when you start using the system, but this is when the initial system gets set up. As installation begins, a OneView software trainer will contact you to schedule the necessary training sessions.

When Does This Happen? This process begins even before hardware installation begins. However, dashboards require at least one asset to be “live” in the system before they can be set up. Within two business days of the start of installation, you are contacted so you can schedule training for a time that is convenient for you.

4. Transitioning to Going Live

Once training is completed and users are in OneView you are “Live.” This transition phase gives everyone time to begin using OneView and become more familiar with what it can do. The implementation team will reach out regularly to answer any questions you have.

When Does This Happen? This is usually the longest timeframe in the onboarding process, taking anywhere from 60-90 days. This is the time for the company to adopt the system and start to feel comfortable using it in their day to day work.

5. Going Live!

The implementation phase is complete and your account transitions over to the relationship manager. This will be your main point of contact from here on out. The sales rep and installation manager work closely with your account manager to ensure a smooth transition.

When Does This Happen? This call happens at the end of implementation and takes about 20-30 minutes. You are then with your Account manager for the life of your account with Pedigree Technologies.


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