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Driver Performance

The ability to manage the most valuable part of your fleet (the people) is sensitive and the reliability and accuracy of the systems you use to measure performance is extremely important. See our driver performance platform.

The strongest, most valuable part of any business are its people...

Pedigree's OneView platform ensures that today's professional drivers have access to crucial insights for optimal performance. Combining top-notch hardware and software, it delivers real-time data on metrics like braking, idle and fuel efficiency, delivery, speeding, hours of service, vehicle inspections, time & attendance, and overall vehicle maintenance. This information is vital for maintaining compliance with DOT and FMCSA regulations, as well as managing fuel costs and vehicle wear. Stay on top of your fleet's performance to provide reliable, on-time service to shippers and maintain overall efficiency.

Driver Scorecards

From abrupt braking to rapid acceleration and exceeding speed limits, risky driving behaviors often lead to accidents and increased insurance costs. In fact, speeding is a leading indicator of potential accidents. As a dedicated fleet safety manager, it's your mission to continuously identify and address these behaviors. And when it comes to achieving this, driver scorecards emerge as a powerful tool.

driver scorecard software
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Drivewyze serves commercial drivers and fleets with innovative trucking services such as Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass and Drivewyze Safety Notifications. Now, it’s available on OneView, the industry’s most intuitive and reliable telematics platform and suite of solutions.

Hours of Service

Navigating the complexities of the ELD mandate in both the USA and Canada is challenging for carriers. At Pedigree, we've dedicated years to our ELD solutions. We're among the first to receive certification for both countries, support numerous exemptions, offer 24X7 domestic support, and provide a durable, always-connected hardware platform, minimizing in-cab disruptions from complex installations. Easily and accurately capture hours of service with Pedigree's streamlined ELD solutions.

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Speeding in commercial vehicles is not only dangerous but also comes with lasting consequences beyond fuel costs. Recognized as one of CSA's 7 BASICS, speeding infractions result in both fines and enduring CSA infractions on safety ratings. Pedigree's OneView platform provides real-time, precise data on speeding incidents, going beyond threshold-based reporting to include violations based on posted speed limits or road segments. Establishing a strong speeding policy and management program is crucial for fostering a secure operational environment, and OneView ensures operators have the essential information to uphold these standards effectively.

Route Compliance

In certain transportation sectors like LTL and Food Service, adhering to a predetermined route is crucial for optimizing schedules and meeting delivery commitments. The OneView platform ensures drivers follow designated routes, considering factors like hours of service, to maintain accurate ETAs and service levels. Integration with routing platforms enhances insights, predicting potential challenges and providing updated ETAs as the route progresses.

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Driver Performance braking software

Braking Performance

Brake monitoring offers valuable insights for fleet operators, revealing both asset and driver issues. High-speed braking indicates aggressive driving, while harsh braking may signify distractions or following too closely. These events pose risks like accidents, increased vehicle wear, and potential freight-shifting problems. Accurate incident reporting on brake performance supports safe driving practices, including maintaining distance, adhering to speed limits, and minimizing distractions in fleet operations.

Idle & Fuel Performance

Vehicles vary in configuration for different industries and environments, from heavy freight to off-road operations. Fuel performance heavily depends on the driver's behavior, including shifting patterns, acceleration, speeding, and cruise control usage. Pedigree's fuel performance monitoring system integrates ECM connectivity, fuel purchases, idle time, RPM monitoring, and gear positions. It alerts operators with timely reports and exception-based dashboards, facilitating intervention and in-depth analysis of issues related to asset configuration or usage.

idle and fuel performance software
Driver Performance job pickup

Pick Up & Delivery Performance

Efficient pickup and delivery execution significantly impacts daily, weekly, and duty cycle performance. OneView ensures precise management of loading and unloading activities, utilizing mobile forms for real-time freight information capture. With connectivity outside the truck and exception-based alerts, operators stay informed on planned versus actual events, preventing delays, missed expectations, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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