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2016 Q3 Product Update

2016 Q3 Product Updates Include: REPORTSNew Reports Report Updates- Vehicle Inspection Notes Report- Vehicle Inspection History Report- Equipment Performance Report- Missing Inspection Report new detail- Equipment Performance Summary Report- HOS Annotate Report editor column


New ReportsVehicle Inspection Notes Report – pull this new report on a regular basis to track all inspection notes, including notes on inspection points that passes but may need attention. This can be a great way for drivers to communicate important information to mechanics.


General UpdatesPosted Speed Limits in Real Time - this report is run on vehicles and shows any posted speed limit violation during the time it is run for.  It can be run at any time during the day and it will include up to the minute violations.  As always, clicking on the address will show where the violation occurred in Google Maps. This functionality is now available to all customers!


Mobile OneViewLandmarks added to search results – find assets or landmarks that match your search criteria.


POVShort Haul Rule – For customers who adhere to the Short Haul rule, it is now available in driver’s set-up. No Data Connection warning – In POV, there is now an icon and message that will alert drivers when there is no data connection at all. If a driver is in an area without cellular coverage and without access to Wi-Fi, the data connection will switch from the all blue “connected” icon to one with a red slash “no data connection” icon. Tap on the icon to see the Data connection message.


Upcoming ELD Functionality! - Yard Move Option - Team Driver’s upgrade - Canadian HOS Rules - Alaska HOS Rules There is much more in the full Q3 Product Update Report. Download it here. 2016 Q3 Product Update Report

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