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OneView POV Now Available in French and Spanish

We’re proud to announce that multi-language support is now available on Pedigree Technologies’ OneView POV, with the addition of French and Spanish language options. With international customers spanning across North America, Pedigree Technologies understands the flexibility and ease-of-use that companies need from their tools in order to excel in their daily operations. Part of providing that means providing language support for diverse teams, making communications between time-crunched teams smoother and more comfortable for all involved, whenever possible. This is why Pedigree Technologies strives to build a user-friendly, operations-centric system and suite of solutions that focus on our customers' real-world needs. Along with English, French and Spanish are the most widely spoken languages throughout much of the Western Hemisphere and beyond, and, in industries where wasted minutes translate to wasted miles, ensuring that communications are swift, clear, and effective is absolutely critical. To change the OneView POV system language, users can follow either of two methods. For the first method, from the login screen POV users can select from a dropdown menu located near the taskbar at the top. Alternatively, logged-in users can click into Settings from the three-dot menu icon (or “kebab” icon), and then, from the pop-up modal window that appears, they can set the language by selecting from the dropdown list (shown below).

language - settings dropdown
system language settings dropdown in modal

For more information, current customers can reach out to their OneView account manager. Interested in telematics and fleet management platforms that support Spanish and French, but not a current Pedigree Technologies’ OneView user? No problem! Schedule a OneView demo today, and see how telematics with multi-language support can help your team get more done.