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2017 Q2 Product Update Report

2017 Q2 Product Updates Include:


NEW REPORTSYard Move Report Use the yard move report to monitor when drivers use the yard move special status. You will see their start time and location, their end time and location, the duration and the note the driver entered.

UPDATED REPORTSFuel Efficiency Export Report This report has been updated to include a region column allowing you to see where the assets are in your tree.

HOURS OF SERVICE (HOS)Added VIN to ELD Edit Pop-up When editing a driver’s log book, you can now add the VIN for any records that are missing the vehicle’s information.

ONEVIEW MOBILECreate Landmark on User Location Option On OneView Mobile, users with landmark permission can now tap and hold on their current location and create a landmark.

POVMulti-trailer Select For drivers that pull tandem trailers, they can select up to 3 at a time in POV. HOS managers can also select up to three trailers in OneView when editing a driver’s log. This feature is permission based and can be turned on or off for your company.

GENERAL FEATURESUpdate Dropdown Selectors Many of the selector fields in OneView now are smart selectors. Start typing the name or content you’re looking for and the selector narrows the results allowing you to find your information faster without scrolling through long lists of results.

AlarmsTire High Temperature Alarm Set up a Tire High Temperature alarm in OneView for users of tire monitoring technology. See your account manager if you are interested in adding this feature. Set the temperature parameters and set to all axles by leaving the axles field blank or set on specific axles by adding 1,2,4, etc.



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