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2018 Q3 Product Update Report

REPORTS • Form Print Report Updated to Indicate Calculated/Manual • Compliance Details Report

JOBS/MAINTENANCE • Maintenance View Updated to Use New Jobs List View • Asset/User Details Jobs/Maintenance Views Updated to Use New Jobs List Views

POV • POV Updated to Sync Maintenance Jobs • POV Updated to Show Maintenance on Truck/Trailer on Inspection View • Option to Restrict Driver to Only Doing Current Task/Job • ELD Instruction Manual Added to Enforcement View Help Page

GENERAL • Wi-Fi Browser Authentication App • Group Audit Events • Time Picker Updates

REPORTSForm Print Report Updated to Indicate Calculated/Manual This report has been updated to include “calculated” or “manual” as the origin of values for fields that have an automatically calculated value. The “manual” entries show a reason for the manual entry, like overridden by the driver, no data available, user offline or asset is offline. These automatic or manual designations will show in the Form Print Report wherever that data appears.

JOBS/MAINTENANCEMaintenance View Updated to Use New Jobs List View The filter mechanism for the maintenance tab has changed. The new filter uses multiple columns to customize which features you want to use to narrow your list of results.

POVPOV Updated to Sync Maintenance Jobs Companies using the “Create Job from Failed Inspection” function that will automatically create a maintenance job from a failed inspection (not based on an alarm) will notice that due/overdue maintenance tickets will sync down to the driver’s tablet if they are due following a failed inspection. This will pull down any maintenance job that is due, not just inspection related jobs. The driver will see a Maintenance tab on the Inspect Vehicle form. Tap there to view any maintenance jobs that are waiting.

Note: The user's manual, instruction sheet, and malfunction instruction sheet can be in electronic form. This is in accordance with the federal register titled "Regulatory Guidance Concerning Electronic Signatures and Documents" (76 FR 411).

GENERALWi-Fi Browser Authentication App The Wi-Fi Browser Authentication App will allow the CabMate One and the CabMate Connect tablets to access a separate authentication page when connecting to a private Wi-Fi network that requires a user to accept terms and conditions, add a separate code, or any other authentication actions that would normally require a separate web browser. This app has been automatically loaded onto these devices via the regularly scheduled tablet updates. There is nothing users need to do to download it.

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