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2019 Q3 Product Update Report

Download the entire 2019 Q3 Product Update Report.








Improved Time Picker When using the time picker while completing a job or maintenance ticket, you can type into the time field and OneView will format the date accordingly. You can still click on the calendar to set the date like before.

New Icon Sets

Accident Detection Events Now Linked to Driver When OneView creates an event from a detected accident of an asset, if there is a driver logged into the asset, you will see the driver listed as the User in the event pop-up. If the asset does not have a linked driver, the user field will be omitted.

Landmark Tool Tip Pagination Added When hovering over a landmark folder, the tooltip now includes the ability to page through the landmark preview list. Previously OneView only showed the first 20 landmarks, requiring you to click into the folder or use the search to find landmarks further on in the alphabetical list.


Add Map to Route Pop-up When looking at or creating a route, there is now a map tab allowing you to see the route landmarks on a map. The list view shows each job and an order number. On the map, you can see each job listed on the map with the corresponding order number.

New Jobs Workflow The job completion window in OneView has been updated with a new workflow. There are now tabs across the top left for Job Summary – details about the job, Map – a map of where the target is located and is a new feature, Schedule – see how this job was scheduled/triggered, and a tab for History – every action taken on this job, including any notifications sent.