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2020 Q1 Product Update Report

Download the entire 2020 Q1 Product Update Report.








Dashboard Maps: A Landmark Selected Will Show the Geofence of that Landmark on the Map

When you add a landmark to the assets selected on any dashboard map, you will now see the geofence of that landmark on the map when zoomed into a close enough level. This is not the same as checking the landmark folder in the map dropdown. You have to use the configure wrench to add the asset in the Asset selector tool.

Location History to Highlight Map When Hovering Over Table

When you hover your mouse over any line in the details table on the left, that section of the asset’s route will highlight on the map on the right. It works the same in the reverse, hover over a section of the route on the map and that section highlights on the left details table.

OneView Mobile App

New features have been added to OneView Mobile as well as the look and feel has been completely updated. The map view is the new default homepage. Use the menu to switch to your asset tree. You can still navigate directly to assets as needed. The new design is more user-friendly.

Now users have direct access to their scorecard and can see the scorecards of assets. Managers or supervisors can see the scorecards of their drivers as well. A driver using OneView Mobile (not POV) can see their own scorecard.

New Look and Feel on Login

OneView’s login screen has been updated. This is also the OneView Mobile login screen.

Scorecard Update

The scorecard for all assets and drivers has been updated to a new custom scorecard. Admin users will see a new Scorecard tab in the admin area where they can add new scorecards and make adjustments to the default scorecard. Be sure to download the Custom Scorecard document from the learning center and look for a custom scorecard training video soon.

Configure & Add New Scorecards

View Scorecard Activity

Admin Asset List Update

The asset list on the admin page has changed to the filter that you see in other areas like maintenance, alarms, or jobs pages. Use the filters to sort through your asset lists. Download the Company Admin doc from the learning center to learn more.

Choose between the Live Asset List, Admin Tree, Pre-Installed List, Retire Asset List, or Asset Summary pages.


Missed Inspection Alarm

A new alarm option is to set up a missed inspection alarm on drivers (special permission only). This will allow the system to send you a text or email when a driver has skipped their required inspections. If you want to add this alarm, please talk to your account manager.

Short Inspection Alarm

A new alarm option is to set up a Short Inspection alarm on drivers to alert you to any inspection form that is submitted for less than the amount of time you set as the trigger (special permission only). If you set the time trigger at 15 minutes, you will get alerted on any inspection where a driver had the inspection form open for less than 15 minutes before submitting. You choose the trigger time.


List View Multi-select

If you need to choose multiple jobs or maintenances to assign them or create a jobs route (only for customers using the routes feature), you can now multi-select with the usual ctrl+click to select separate items, or shift+click to select items next to each other.


Notification Settings for DVR Available

You can now get an email notification when DVR requested video is ready for viewing in OneView. Click on your settings link and then Notifications. Toggle the icon to be blue and it will activiate the notifications option. Then OneView will send a notification to the email account listed in your settings as soon as your requested video becomes available to view.


Inspection Warnings

With a new permission, warnings can help drivers remember to submit their required inspections. If they are required to complete a pre-trip inspection, they will recive the following warning when they log into POV and also when they select a new tractor or trailer during their shift.

If they are required to submit a post-trip inspection the will see this message when they try to change tractors or trailers without having first done a post-trip inspection, and/or when they try to log out of POV or change their status to Off Duty (End of Shift) without having already done an inspection following their final driving status.


POV now has an option of integrating with Drivewyze, allowing drivers to see if they can bypass weigh stations or have to pull in. See your account manager for more details.

Warnings Approaching Short Haul Limit

When a driver approaches within 1 mile of the edge of their 100 mile radius while in short haul rulesets, POV will show a warning message that they are nearing their 100 mile radius. They will also receive an audible warning. The warning will disappear if they turn around. If they cross over the radius limit, POV show the normal message that they no longer qualify for the short haul rule and drivers with automatic rule set selection will be moved into the appropriate federal ruleset.

Retain Fuel Purchases for 7 Days

The fuel purchase records will now stay on the tablet for the length of the driver’s period, 7 days in all US rulesets and 14 days in Canadian rulesets.


Compliance Region Summary Report

This report will break down the user regions and show you a quick summary of the compliance issues for your drivers.

Fuel Purchase HOS Duty Status Report

Use this new report to view a driver’s HOS status during the time they were fueling their truck.

HOS Annotation (by Edit Date) Report

This report will show edits/annotation to a driver’s log that were made within the chosen date range. For example, if an edit was made yesterday to a log record from 3 months ago, and this report was pulled for the last 7 days, the edit in question will NOT show on the report since the log record that was edited was from 3 months ago. Only edits made and suggested in the last 7 days would appear in the report.

Long Idle Reports Run on Drivers and Vehicles

The long idle reports can now also run on drivers instead of only vehicles.

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