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Announcing the OneView Mobile Fluid Monitoring Solution

The Pedigree Technologies OneView® platform now allows for continuous remote monitoring of fluid levels in moving tanker trailers

(FARGO, N.D.) — Pedigree Technologies LLC today announced the release of a mobile fluid monitoring system in partnership with Pro-Fab Industries Inc. of Arborg, Manitoba and Titan Logix Corp. of Edmonton, Alberta. When used alongside the Titan Logix TD80™ liquid-level gauging system, the Pedigree Technologies OneView platform can be used to remotely monitor levels of crude, produced water, acid, jet fuel and other liquid chemicals being hauled in tanker trailers.

The TD80 gauging system is used to send fluid level readings to the OneView platform, which combines the data with the tank’s real-time GPS location. This allows a company to monitor tanks and other assets remotely and ensure proper handling is taking place. Pedigree Technologies Director of Product Management, Joshua DeCock said, “The main benefit of this feature is that companies can track where and how much fluid is picked up and dropped off. This gives traceability and helps ensure people are not dumping illegally or handling fluids improperly.”

Tank-level readings are taken any time the trailer comes to a stop. The system can also be programmed to send email and text message alerts if fluid levels change from one stop to the next.

This integration creates a safer and more efficient working environment. The TD80 system enhances driver safety by eliminating the need for the driver to climb on top of the tank to take a measurement. Instead, the tank’s fluid level is displayed at eye-level using an advanced digital display. The combination of the Titan TD80 with the Pedigree Technologies OneView system enables the dispatcher to see where the vehicle is located and how much product volume is left on board, or how much ullage is remaining.

“By partnering with expert companies like Pro-Fab Industries and Pedigree Technologies, we can offer additional utility and functionality to our customers,” said Greg McGillis, President and CEO of Titan Logix. “We are excited to add this integration to our portfolio of advanced technology fluid management ‘in the office’ solutions.”

Grant Cairns, Vice President and General Manager of the Pro-Fab Group of Companies stated, “We are thrilled to be working with world leaders Pedigree Technologies and Titan Logix to provide the most comprehensive remote and in-office fluid management solutions. We have used Titan Logix equipment for years on our Dura-Haul trailers and we will now be offering this complete system with the latest in GPS technology from Pedigree Technologies OneView in our products, in addition to providing in-field installations worldwide.”


About Pedigree Technologies LLC Award-winning software solutions from Pedigree Technologies enable companies to make better decisions by providing real-time visibility into business operations. Pedigree Technologies was founded in 2004 and launched its OneView product commercially in 2009. A leader in mobile resource management, the company has been recognized on the international M2M Top 100 list from trade publication Connected World for five consecutive years.

About Titan Logix Corp. Founded in 1979, Titan Logix is a high technology company specializing in Research and Development (R&D), manufacturing and marketing of advanced technology fluid management solutions. The company's products include guided wave radar (GWR) gauges for level measurement and overfill prevention (particularly for use in mobile tanker applications), level gauges for storage tanks, and communication systems for remote alarming and control.

About Pro-Fab Industries Inc. The Pro-Fab Group of Companies (PFG) was founded over 25 years ago in Arborg, Manitoba, and has since grown to become a world-class manufacturer of award-winning products supplying customers around the globe. Today PFG manufactures products for the oil and gas industries, biomass industry and the automotive and transportation industries, operating manufacturing facilities across Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

PFG manufactures its own complete line of oil, gas, acid, water, vacuum and double conical aluminum tanker trailers, cattle trailers, flare stacks, boilers and consumer storage solutions, in addition to manufacturing frac tanks, double-wall containment tanks and conveyor systems. PFG provides steel laser cutting and high-quality custom fabrication with exacting standards to meet the requirements of each customer. PFG is ASME, ISO, CWB, AWS, DOT 406, DOT 407, DOT 412 and Transport Canada Certified.

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