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Are ELD Stickers Required and Where Should Drivers Display Them on Their Trucks?

Understanding the Role of “ELD-On-Board” Stickers.

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDS) are a vital tool to help fleets comply with hours-of-service regulations and enhance the safety of our nation’s roads. Many questions can arise surrounding compliance and the ELD mandate. One of the questions we get asked frequently is “Are drivers required to display an “ELD-On-Board” sticker on the outside of their Trucks?” The answer is no, the FMCSA does not require fleets to display ELD-compliance trucking stickers or have your trucks indicate that an ELD is in use.

If ELD stickers aren't required, why are they provided?
  1. The simple stickers can help roadside inspectors or enforcement personnel quickly determine which ELD is on board and conduct the inspection accordingly.

  2. ELD stickers typically provide more information about the ELD Provider including website and support phone number. This means your drivers will know where to turn if they need to troubleshoot an issue with their device.

  3. A company that takes the time to apply stickers to each of their trucks is paying attention to detail. That kind of effort leaves an impression on inspectors, suggesting they take compliance seriously.

  4. If you ever need to transition to a new ELD provider, these stickers make for a simple way to see which trucks have installed new ELDs and which ones still need to be transitioned.

Even though “ELD-On-Board” stickers are not required by FMCSA, there are still compliance incentives and driver benefits to applying them. If you have more questions on FMCSA compliance, please visit the FMCSA dedicated page for ELD or contact a Pedigree Technologies specialist.



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