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New-Look Alarms

You may have noticed that we updated our alarms page to be all inclusive. There is no longer a separation between current alarms and historical alarms. In the new alarm interface you have access to all your alarms – old and new – all on one page. We’ve added filters to the necessary fields/columns to allow you to customize your view to meet your needs. Now you determine which alarms you want to see. In addition to filtering the results, you can sort the alarms by clicking any column header. If you want to see alarms for a specific asset/user, you can also take advantage of the new alarm filters from the alarms section of an asset’s/user’s details page.

  1. Configuration Name – text filter; type in word(s) to filter

  2. Level – choose between: All, Notice, Warning, or Critical

  3. Asset – choose between: All, Select individual or multiple assets, Select a Collection of assets

  4. Alarm Start Time – choose the duration you want to display: Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, etc

  5. Acknowledge Time – choose between: All, Unacknowledged, Acknowledged, or a specific duration/time frame

  6. Acknowledger – choose between: All, Select individual or multiple users, Select a Collection of users

  7. Action – choose between: All, Unresolved, Resolved *After applying filters, OneView will remember your selection(s) so your custom view will remain the same until changed. To view current alarms:

  8. By default, the filters are set to show all current alarms with a start time of Today. *Clicking the ‘Clear’ button will reset all filters to the default settings resulting in current alarms being displayed.To view historical alarms:

  9. Change the Alarm Start Time duration to display the previous week, month, or whichever time frame you’d like to see. Check the other filter options to make sure the correct alarms are being displayed.

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