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Utilize Dispatch Software to Stay Safely Connected

With the first winter storm in the books, it appears that icy, snow-packed roads settled in for the season. The slower-than-average, white knuckled driving conditions pose challenges for long-haul companies with multiple remote drivers. It slows down operations and makes safe connections and location updates increasingly difficult. Closed roads cause delays or detours and require rerouting, and it’s very unsafe to talk on the phone while pulling 70 tons on slick roads. Consequently, job status information and efficient directions become difficult to relay.


dispatch software on top of fleet tracking to communicate with workers and track all trucks and vehicles. Dispatch software works with an in-cab device and supplies drivers with the necessary information needed to complete jobs, while the home office reroutes trips. The office can also prioritize and dispatch the nearest driver to new jobs after checking location and status all on one screen. Safe, two-way messaging is available and can be sent to just one, or a group, of workers and only functions when the vehicle is immobile.

The features offered with dispatch software are:

  1. Dispatch workers to a job sites

  2. Provide route optimization

  3. Give turn-by-turn directions

  4. Communicate with two-way messaging

  5. Pull vehicle status updates

dispatch software
  1. Stay in touch with mobile workers – Communicate with mobile workers using safe, simple messages and job updates that are delivered directly to their in-cab device

  2. Eliminate out-of-route miles – Save on unnecessary miles and reduce vehicle wear and tear with the best route possible

  3. Increase customer satisfaction – Keep customers informed of accurate pick-up and delivery times

  4. Save on fuel costs – Turn-by-turn directions provide the best route possible, reducing delivery costs and fuel consumption

Winter is a stressful time for everyone on the road, and safety is the No. 1 priority.  Don’t become a statistic and start using safe communication means today.

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