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Image by Patrick Tomasso

360° CameraView™

Intuitive, Reliable, and with Superior Support

Keep an Eye on the Road Ahead

CameraView™ is a plug-and-play solution, leveraging existing OneView™ integration, to allow for full visibility and fleet monitoring ‘in action’. Capture, control, and review bidirectional videos of either driver-initiated or critical-event-triggered recordings, such as upon vehicular impact.

Mitac K265 Camera Features

Road and driver-facing

Add-ons: Up to 4 external cameras

Cellular connectivity (Verizon or AT&T)

Built-in panic button

AI detection

In-cab audio alerts

Dual micro SD slots (256GB micro SD included)

JC 400 Camera
Mitac K245 Camera
Mitac K265 Camera

For more key features and benefits and technical specifications, download our CameraView™ datasheet.

Watch it in action!

OneView CameraView

According to industry studies, up to 75% of accidents involving commercial trucks are not the fault of the truck drivers. Don’t get stuck in unnecessary cost and time traps.