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Digital Library

The ability for a remote worker or commercial driver to gain access to things like manuals, permits, certificates and other important documents that are required for them to perform the duties expected of them is streamlined through OneView’s Digital Library module.  Easily catalog, assign, search and send documents to the field and provide remote access based on employee profiles to enable self use.

OneView's Digital Library

Getting stuck without the proper documents can stick you with fines and can be a giant hassle. With OneView’s Digital Library, there’s no need to worry.

Digital Library allows companies to easily store and manage the digital distribution of documents, images, and other files relevant to their daily operations – making important files available to drivers in-cab, when they need them most.

Keep the Information Where It's Needed - On and Off the Road!

OneView's Digital Library enables field workers and drivers to access important documents both on and off the road.  Whether required permits, insurance documentation or site plans and maps to help execute a job; Digital Library gives your team the information they need to effectivly complete the job.

Access Documents

Save Time

Maximize Earnings

Improve Utilization

Solution Features

Upload and Assign Files by Driver, Vehicle, Trailer, Carrier, and Region

Use for Permits, Licenses, Cab Cards, Medical Cards, Collision Instructions, or Any Crucial Roadside Docs

Simple and Quick Upload Process Through OneView