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Driver Vehicle Inspection Record (DVIR)

Why Use Pedigree's DVIR?

DVIR is a mandated documentation process in most North American jurisdictions, and in the case of documented defects, it is Federally required for both driver and administration to maintain records of the notice and repair. Having your drivers use the integrated DVIR solution will speed up repairs, ensure compliance, and get your truck back to business quicker.

DVIR software
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How Does It Work?

Your drivers enter their inspection results in an easy-to-navigate mobile form that is included in the DriverMate software suite. The results are shared with operations in real-time. The repair information that is captured during maintenance is synchronized with the drivers record and available for roadside inspection as needed. 

Improving CSA Scores

Vehicle maintenance is one of the most scrutinized of the FMCSA's 7 basics. The ability to quickly capture defects, initiate communication to maintenance, and resolve the issues is paramount to maintaining or improving your vehicle maintenance score.

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See It in Action

Contact us to see how the integrated DVIR module can work for your enterprise. We will walk you through the configuration and customization features to ensure you have a full understanding of how to implement the solution within your operation. 

Ready to learn more?

Our dedicated staff is ready to connect with you to hear about your business and the unique challenges you face as you look to improve efficiencies while saving both time and money.

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