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Fleet Management: Take Control of Your Fleet

Strengthen your bottom line with a smarter fleet management operation.

Keep your fleet running smoothly and efficiently for the long haul with OneView™ Fleet Management software. Our fleet solutions provide everything you need for a safe, compliant, and efficient operation.

Why Choose OneView™ Fleet Management?

Reduce Costs

Save fuel by reducing idle time, monitoring driver speed, improving vehicle routing, and eliminating unnecessary service trips.

Improve Safety Scores

Access driver analytics and scorecards and customize alarms based on high speeds, excessive idle periods, and more.

Increase Efficiency

With OneView™, critical vehicle and driver information is accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device with an Internet connection.

Challenges Solved

From rising fuel costs, FMCSA & Canadian ELD compliance, and needing to provide on-time deliveries, your fleet operation faces multiple challenges. Thankfully, there’s a way to keep your fleet operations profitable, safe, competitive and most importantly, on the road.

OneView™ Fleet Management software brings together all the information you need to track, monitor, and manage your fleet vehicles and drivers in near real-time.

Take Control of Your Fleet

OneView™ from Pedigree Technologies offers user-friendly, web-based fleet management applications that allow companies to locate vehicles, improve driver performance, and meet compliance regulations.

Features & Benefits

Customizable Forms

Utilize Existing Standalone Form Templates

We offer a diverse selection of ready-to-use templates, including bill of lading forms, fuel purchase forms, order forms, expense forms, equipment rental agreements, and the list goes on.

Modify Existing Forms

Users can customize pre-made templates to align with specific requirements.

Start From Scratch

Build forms from the ground up. Users can choose from a variety of form controls, arrange the layout, and incorporate specific functionalities to suit customers’ specific needs allowing for complete customization and flexibility.

Utilize Existing Standalone Form Templates

We offer a diverse selection of ready-to-use templates, including bill of lading forms, fuel purchase forms, order forms, expense forms, equipment rental agreements, and the list goes on.

Personalized Reporting

“Build Your Own Report”

Choose the data fields you want to see in your report and combine data from multiple forms into a single, streamlined document.

Automated Scheduling

Set up automated scheduling for reports, ensuring timely delivery and enhanced efficiency.

Sort Columns

Arrange columns in your reports to suit your preferred viewing format.

Sharing Options

Seamlessly view, print, save, and email reports, enabling effortless collaboration and distribution.

Key Benefits of OneView™ Fleet Management

  • Reduced fuel costs

  • Efficient fleet dispatching

  • Reduce/eliminate downtime

  • Improved customer service

  • Easy operational cost savings

  • Location and performance monitoring

Maintain FMCSA & Canadian compliance by adding our Cab-Mate ELD Solutions.

Fleet Maintenance

OneView™ allows you to schedule maintenance based on usage or timing, receive alerts when upcoming maintenance is due, and track maintenance history to analyze trends and spot reoccurring problems.


The Crucial Role of Digital Image Capture

Digital image capture significantly contributes to enhancing the efficiency, safety, compliance, and overall performance of fleets by providing visual documentation, enabling remote monitoring, and facilitating better decision-making processes.

Ready to Learn More?

Our dedicated staff is ready to connect with you to hear about your business and the unique challenges you face as you look to improve efficiencies while saving both time and money.


  • Pedigree Technologies will not repair issues caused by:
    Hardware normally consumed in operation Unauthorized or improper use Involvement in any accident, explosion, or serious weather related event
  • What if I bought hardware from another source?
    We will only cover warranty service for items made by other manufacturers sold directly to the customer by us. Unfortunately, equipment that is not purchased from an authorized Pedigree Technologies seller — such as cell phones, tablets, or computers that use the OneView platform or applications — will not be covered under warranty. Pedigree Technologies will perform maintenance after proper notification that any hardware purchased directly from us is not in “good working order”. This means following our Return Material Authorization (RMA) Process: Simple Return Material Authorization (RMA) Process: Contact Pedigree Technologies Support at 1-844-407-9307. If it is determined the hardware cannot be repaired remotely (over the phone or air), continue to next step. Support will assign Return Material Authorization Number (“RMA”) and a replacement will be shipped. Once you receive replacement, uninstall and return failed hardware to a Pedigree Technologies-designated facility for repair using included shipping label. Customer will then be invoiced for the device upon shipment, and credited when the failed RMA hardware is received by us (within 30 days).

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