Make real-time changes to routing, update stops instantly, and communicate safely with mobile workers via two-way messaging.

“The data you get from Pedigree’s system is
accurate, simple, fast, and reliable.”

Jason Mahrer, Service Manager at General Equipment and Supplies, Inc.  

Features & Benefits

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Instant Communication

Manually calling workers to dispatch them to job sites or to update stops can be a stressful and time-consuming process.

Eliminate frustration and save time with a more efficient system for dispatching that also helps eliminate out-of-route miles, cuts fuel costs, and improves customer service.

Solution Features

Our system works with an in-cab application, allowing you to dispatch drivers and field service workers in response to data reported by other OneView applications.

  • Dispatch Workers to Job Sites
  • Route Optimization
  • Turn-by-Turn Directions
  • Two-Way Messaging
  • Vehicle Status Updates
Dispatching Software

Why Choose OneView?


Assign trips and dispatch workers in response to customer needs, update stops, and make real-time changes to routing.


Turn-by-turn directions and route optimization reduces unnecessary miles, wasted fuel, and vehicle wear and tear.


Use two-way messaging to communicate with drivers and location information to keep customers informed of response times.

Download Case Study

For Minnesota Valley Irrigation, keeping track of vehicles and mobile workers is crucial.

Learn how Minnesota Valley Irrigation uses Pedigree Technologies OneView to access real-time location on mobile workers, keep track of mileage for Department of Transportation (DOT) reporting, and dispatch and route workers, all on one screen.

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With OneView, Minnesota Valley Irrigation has:

•    Increased the number of daily trips
•    Saved up to 4 hours per day
•    Improved dispatching and response times

Download the case study and find out how they did it.


Can drivers read messages while driving?

Can I adjust my drivers route at any time?

Can I save locations so I don't have to enter them into the system each time?

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