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9 ELD Requirements…

(You Didn’t Know About)

  • What corners not to cut. “Is it too good to be true?”

  • Requirements that you must know to be compliant.

  • What to avoid when shopping for ELD solutions.

9 ELD requirements

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The ELD mandate deadline was December 18, 2017, but whether you already have a solution or if you’re still scrambling to get compliant, it might be worth taking an extra look. Over the last few years, as the deadline has rapidly approached, more and more new businesses have popped up to take advantage of CEOs, safety managers, and drivers that are simply looking for quick compliance that won’t break the bank. However, products advertised with “too good to be true” prices or features often have some very important missing details or caveats buried in the fine print.

White Paper: 9 ELD Requirements (You Didn't Know About)

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