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OneView™ Platform

Intuitive, Reliable, & with Superior Support

A Better Way to Monitor and Manage Your Entire Operation.

The OneView™ platform provides fleet and equipment operators with the most robust, reliable and expansive features to help reach the most aggressive competitive advantage in today’s complex and increasingly costly commercial and industrial environments.

OneView Platform Benefits

How can OneView improve your business? OneView is an award-winning telematics platform that can turn your device into a centralized command center that lets you track and manage multiple types of assets. Keep tabs on trucks, equipment, and even remote workers all from a single screen easily!

With the additions of Digital Library document management and multi-language support for French and Spanish, effectively communicating with your fleet and teams has never been easier.

OneView laptop

Increased Efficiency

Imagine your stacks of sticky notes, receipts, work orders, and other forms all stored digitally. OneView makes it happen.

Clear Communication

Make real-time changes to routing, update stops, and communicate safely with mobile workers.

Reduced Fuel Costs

With the right information, completely eliminate inefficient routes, needless idling, and wasted trips.

Extend Equipment Life

Prevent downtime with maintenance scheduling, diagnostic tools, and customized alerts.

Loss Prevention

Get an alert when an asset leaves a designated area and stop worrying about remote work sites.

Streamlined Compliance

With OneView, you can experience having HOS, IFTA, and FMCSA compliance reporting made simple.

Increased Profits

It all comes down to this — get more work done with lower operational costs.

Improved Driver Safety

OneView allows you to keep drivers accountable and stay on top of important safety practices.

Accurate Customer Billing

Know exactly how long a customer used a piece of equipment and be able to quickly access verification info.

Complete Visibility

With a single intuitive system, easily keep a close eye on your entire operation.

Take a Deep Dive into the Primary Industries We Support

truck driving

The Road Ahead

Paving the way for safer, more efficient travel experiences by providing real-time data on traffic conditions, vehicle performance, and driver behavior, ultimately shaping a future where journeys are not only smoother but also more sustainable.

OneView™ Solutions

The OneView platform is an integrated M2M solution with fleet tracking, ELD, asset tracking, dispatching, tank monitoring, and many other capabilities. It captures data from your workers, trucks, equipment and other assets to gather valuable data — including location, run-time hours, machine health, work order details, and a lot more. Take control of your entire operation and make faster, better informed decisions with Pedigree Technologies.

Track your assets' locations to prevent theft and optimize your operations. 

Remotely track, monitor, and control the temperature of refrigerated trucks, trailers, or shipping containers with all major OEM makes and models.

Manage equipment location, utilization and diagnostics and optimize your assets.

Automate your business processes and prevent costly overtime by remotely tracking, monitoring, and receiving up-to-date alerts on bulk tank fluid levels.

Track and monitor trailer location and utilization to maximize your fleet efficiency.

Truck, Trailer, & Asset Management

Communicate task assignments in real-time to mobile workers through customized workflows, routing, electronic forms and two-way messaging.

Manage your fleet vehicles and drivers in real-time with location, utilization, diagnostics, scorecards and more.

Monitor tire pressure and temperature, promoting better fuel efficiency, safety, and vehicle performance.

Drivewyze enables commercial truck drivers to bypass weigh stations, saving time and money.


In-cab turn-by-turn navigation with voice-guided directions to desired destinations, real-time traffic alerts, detours, ETA’s and more.

Leverage asset data to schedule maintenance work, easily analyze trends, spot recurring problems, and reduce downtime and costly repairs.

Eliminate paper and process critical data more quickly, reducing time to invoice and improving accuracy.

Wheel End Health (Hub) Monitoring

Wheel health monitoring via temperature and vibration to prevent costly vehicle incidents.


Optimize driving routes and get more done in less time, reducing fuel consumption and maximizing efficiency.

Store, manage and remotely access documents, images and other files, from anywhere.

Enhanced Fleet Solutions

Our US and Canada certified ELD compliant solution makes HOS management easy, with real-time compliance visibility.

Improve driver behavior with AI-based incident detection and in-cab feedback, improving safety trends and protecting you with video evidence including external cameras.

Inspect your assets quickly and easily with an app – capturing defects with images and tracking repairs.

Safety & Compliance

API Integrations

Create a seamless user experience with 3rd party software and streamline business processes, saving time and reducing errors.

Sensor Data

Add-on sensors for increased visibility to temperature, humidity, on/off, open/closed status and more.

OEM Data

Vehicle and equipment OEM data plus all operations in one platform.


What We’ll Discuss:

  • What are you currently doing to monitor your operations today?

  • How our solution can impact your company’s bottom line.

  • Assess upcoming operational goals and timeframes

  • Mutually determine if it makes sense to have a further discussion and/or demo on our product.

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