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Equipment Monitoring and Maintenance

 Discover the Key to Uninterrupted Fleet Success

In the dynamic landscape of fleet management, the backbone of seamless operations lies in the meticulous care and vigilant oversight of your equipment. Our comprehensive platform prioritizes the maintenance and monitoring for companies navigating diverse fleets. 

Why Fleet Maintenance and Monitoring is Crucial 

  • Allows you to track equipment usage, identify patterns of wear and tear, and schedule maintenance proactively. 

  • Regular maintenance helps in identifying and fixing small issues before they escalate into major problems, reducing overall repair costs.


Harnessing the Power of Engine Diagnostics

Our OneView platform illuminates the critical significance of monitoring engine diagnostics across fleets, revealing a landscape where proactive insights and real-time data serve as the catalysts for optimized performance, minimized downtime, and substantial cost savings.

Fleet Maintenance

OneView™ allows you to schedule maintenance based on usage or timing, receive alerts when upcoming maintenance is due, and track maintenance history to analyze trends and spot reoccurring problems.


DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Record)

DVIR is a mandated documentation process in most North American jurisdictions, and in the case of documented defects, it is Federally required for both driver and administration to maintain records of the notice and repair. Having your drivers use the integrated DVIR solution will speed up repairs, ensure compliance, and get your truck back to business quicker.

Electronic Work Orders

All of the information your drivers and mobile workers need to get the job done right. Job tickets, directions, and work orders are easily lost or forgotten, but with electronic job tickets via our electronic work order solution, workers have access to all the critical forms and information they need right at their fingertips.


TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)

TPMS allows for real-time visibility of individual tire pressures and temperatures, giving you the ability to make informed tire maintenance decisions from the cab, the yard, or the main office to extend tire life and improve safety.

Equipment Management

OneView offers a complete view of your equipment management operations. Remotely monitor your equipment and motorized assets, using usage data to track and report equipment utilization and dormancy. Keep track of all asset movements with real-time GPS tracking, including yard movements and yard entry and exit times.


Wheel End Health (Hub) Monitoring

Providing fleets with insights into the wheel-end ecosystem, allows drivers to take preemptive actions before facing roadside repairs, thermal events, or wheel-offs. The assessment of brake performance utilizes temperature and vibration sensing technology.

See our system in action to learn how you can decrease the cost of service operations and improve profit margin with real-time insight into equipment usage and fleet maintenance history.

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