Intuitive & Innovative Telematics Solutions

Pedigree Technologies offers a broad range of telematics solutions to help customers solve key business challenges.
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Asset Tracking Software

Asset Tracking

With the OneView system you can remotely track, monitor and manage your fixed and mobile assets in near real-time all from a single screen.

Dispatching Software


Save time and money with a more efficient system for dispatching that eliminates out-of-route miles, cuts fuel costs, and improves customer service.

ELD Electronic Log Books

Electronic Logs

Our FleetPOV application electronically records critical data such as driving hours, vehicle inspection reports, fuel receipts, and state mileage.

Electronic Work Orders

Electronic Work Orders

With our electronic work orders, workers have easy access to job tickets, directions, and work orders right on their tablet or smartphone.

Equipment Management Software

Equipment Management

Equipment management software allows you to accurately bill customers, schedule usage-based maintenance, and reduce prolonged idling.

Fleet Tracking Software

Pedigree’s Fleet Management

With insight into how your fleet is running you can improve safety, streamline compliance reporting, and keep customers informed of delivery times.

Maintenance Management Software


Schedule maintenance based on usage or timing, record maintenance history and activities, and receive alerts on overdue maintenance.

Mobile-Tank Monitoring

With OneView, you can remotely track, monitor and manage your fluid levels in transit and eliminate costly field delays due to fluid shortages in tanks.

Tank-Level Monitoring Software

Tank-Level Monitoring

Remotely monitor tank levels, schedule deliveries, and manage inventory needs. Stay informed on the level, temperature, and condition of your tanks.

Unique Challenges Require Unique Solutions

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